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Did Sharon Stone Pull Off the Ultimate Jewelry Heist at Cannes?

Sharon Stone is prime suspect in jewelry heist during 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Fact or fiction?

CANNES — Just imagine my surprise when I opened my inbox this morning to get the latest sartorial scoop from secret agents around the globe and discovered that Sharon Stone, star of “Basic Instinct” (1992) – and who famously ushered in the high-low look in 1998 when she paired a lilac Vera Wang formal skirt with her then husband’s white button-down Gap shirt for the red carpet – is a prime suspect by French police in a jewelry heist worth $1.4 million. The supposed heist took place during the festival at a hotel.

With further investiation, I came a across an article from Variety that dishes on the deets. Reportedly, French authorities find it suspicious that she would attend the festival since she hasn’t starred in a film since the sequel to “Basic Instinct” in 2006. When questioned, Stone reportedly tried to play it like the interrogation scene from the original “Basic Instinct” film. Personally, I think this story is suspicious and wonder if this is a case of fact or fiction.

If it is a roust, what a way to kick off a comeback for the Oscar-nominated actress. What do you think?

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