Entertainment Brief: Interview With Cast of “Brooklyn Is In Love”

Entertainment Brief: Interview With Cast of “Brooklyn Is In Love”

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l. to r. Kather Sei, Nadia Serantes, Lucas Kane Hall, Aaron Barcelo, Miranda McCauley, Elizabeth McIntire, Evan Baker, and Aaron Bartz.

New York – You may not have heard of it yet, but there’s a hot new webisode series out called Brooklyn Is In Love, set in none other than, well of course, Brooklyn. The drama has an ensemble cast of up and comers you just might want to keep on your radar. I recently caught up with a few of them for an e-interview to ask a few fun questions.


What is your best romantic tale in Brooklyn?
Kather Sei: Never lived in Brooklyn.
Nadia Serantes: Once I saw a couple on the Brooklyn Bridge with a padlock in their hands. He wrote something on it, and locked the padlock to a bridge fence. She read the words, gasped and kissed him. When they left I could not resist checking what it was all about, of course! I discovered these words written in Italian “Ivan loves Elena. A little more than yesterday and a little less than tomorrow.” I love that story.
Lucas Kane Hall: The romance in Brooklyn lies in the moments. It’s intimacy between lovers, friendships and ourselves. The love for someone far far away and never seen is far more interesting. The lack of love of our own heart tends to feed into us all over compensating our love for each other.
Miranda McCauley: I met my boyfriend in a restaurant in Brooklyn where he was the general manager. I sat in the corner at the bar, read Kafka, and drank whisky. I let him borrow a book and he gave me his business card. I got a text message from him a week later while I was on a date with someone else. It read “What are you doing?” I responded while my date was in the bathroom “Nothing. What are you doing?” And his answer was “Going home with you.” I told my date I had an emergancy and got the first train back to Bushwick. I don’t think he was expecting that to work, but it TOTALLY did. We’ve been together for two years.
Evan Baker: Bike to Prospect park at night for a picnic of hummus, pita bread, cheese, and wine in a field. Amazing conversation ensued.
Aaron Bartz: I haven’t spent much time in Brooklyn, but I had quite a romantic photo shoot with my girlfriend there; we got to stare at each other all day and get paid!

What do you have most in common with your character?
Kather Sei: He knows how to roll with life’s punches!
Nadia Serantes: Aimee’s strength. She is resilient. I wish I were as cool as she is, though no jazz band in real life.
Lucas Kane Hall: Internalizing.
Miranda McCauley: We understand lonliness, we work in restaurants and get bad tips, we drink a little too much, we fall in love with the emotionally unavailable, we’re a total mess but pretend to have everything under control, we’re absolutely crazy about our friends, and we both loooooooooove chocolate.
Evan Baker: Charlie has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth, especially when it’s the worst time. I have that same tendency.
Aaron Bartz: Like Benny, I’m a one-woman-guy. I’m not a player at all.

Who is your famous (actor/actress) alter ego. It can be anyone past or present or even animated.
Kather Sei: Don’t have one.
Nadia Serantes: I like to think it’s a mixture of Penelope Cruz’s passion and Dora the explorer’s curiosity for life.
Lucas Kane Hall: Virgina Wolf’s Orlando. In translation, never fitting in anywhere but getting through life, knowing how to suffer quietly.
Miranda McCauley: Gilda Radner.
Evan Baker: Paul Newman.
Aaron Bartz: My actor alter ego would have to be Bruce Campbell I suppose. The handsome clown. The leading man who is also a goof.

If you had a spy name, what would it be?
Kather Sei: Spy!
Nadia Serantes: When I was a teen in the nightclubs I used to improvise different characters when boys came to chat me up. My characters went from poet to mountain climber, and anything in between. But they were always called Natalie. I guess that would be my spy name.
Lucas Kane Hall: Captain Well Wisher.
Miranda McCauley: Agent Scully
Evan Baker: “…”
Aaron Bartz: Ha! My spy name would be something like “Trigger Tuxedo.” Or maybe “Whisper Fingerprint.”

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