A style and entertainment site narrated from the perspective of a fictional character known as The Chic Spy, who’s a sartorial sleuth covering topics running the gamut from runway trends and designer profiles to movie reviews and celebrity interviews.


The Chic Spy is a whimsical blend of class and sass. She’s always on the hunt for the hottest of hot, whether it’s exposing the next big heist, like bodacious baubles stealing the scene from yet another designer ensemble; or investigating the looks of elusive red carpet celebs, those who are trés chic and those who merely shock.

She never shows up to foil a fashion caper without being dolled up in her trademark orange trench, sporting oversized sunglasses, carrying a designer tote and flashing her handy-dandy magnifying glass for sartorial sleuthing. So be warned, next time you’re spotted out on the town; be stylish, be debonair, but above all, BE CHIC, because she’s on a mission to uncover the chicest in style and entertainment!


The CSA is a top-secret fashpionage group formed through the Chic Intelligence Agency, founded by The Chic Spy to uncover the chicest in fashion, beauty, and entertainment around the globe. It is composed of an elite group of agents – Crystal, Amber, and Jade – from the covert op known as “Accessory Heist.”

Agent Crystal: A platinum blonde from Paris with an affinity to vintage fashion. Her charismatic charm is her weapon of choice and in her crystal-laden clutch, is everything she needs for a mission including a camera compact.

Agent Amber: A fiery redhead from London with a penchant for prep. She’s the queen of gadgets and has just about every app on her phone that a Chic Spy Agent needs to foil a fashion caper.

Agent Jade: A raven-haired rocker from Tokyo known for her jet-setting antics. She’s always chicly prepared for a mission, sporting covert accessories that includes laser aviator shades.

(‘A Sartorial Sleuth’ and ‘Chic Spy Agents’ are trademarks of The Chic Spy, LLC)