Master the Use of Chic Spy lingo

Master the Use of Chic Spy lingo

Sometimes we might drop some jargon that might be obscure to you. But, don’t fret because here’s a list of our covert vocab, so you will definitely get all our whimsical euphemisms that we’ve dubbed ChicSpyIsms.

Accessory Heist
: Finding chic accessories such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry.
usage: “Her look was the ultimate accessory heist. She was dripping in jewels.”

Beauty Arsenal: A collection of must-haves in hair care, makeup, bath and body.
usage: “I’m definitely adding the latest designer fragrance to my beauty arsenal.”

: A post or review on
usage: “The movie brief on Batman v Superman was on fleek!”

Casualty: A fashion victim spotted in a tacky or kitschy outfit.
usage: “Her outfit-of-the-day was such a casualty.

Chic Intelligence Agency™: An organization founded by The Chic Spy™ that gathers information about all that is chic in fashion, beauty, and pop culture.
usage: “The Chic Spy met with her agents at the Chic Intelligence Agency to get briefed on their latest mission.”

Chic Spy™ Agent: A contributor to
usage: “I am a Chic Spy Agent for The Chic Spy™. I write about fashion.”

Cloak: A look that is uncommon for a certain person.
usage: “Check out Taylor Swift’s cloak! The grunge look works for her.”

Covert Cocktail: A cool cocktail or mocktail.
usage: “Hey, what’s your favorite Covert Cocktail? Mine is a Malibu Pineapple!”

: A look or outfit that trés chic and pleasantly striking.
usage: “Did you see her Comme des Garçon bag? It was so dagger!

Defector: Someone who switches from using one
 brand to another.
usage: “You’re such a defector—you ditched your iPhone for an android!”

Fashpionage™: A mission having to do with buzz worthy style quandaries.
usage: “Her head-to-toe look was the quintessential case of fashpionage.”

Mission: A style or entertainment quandary to be solved.
usage: “The Chic Spy is on a mission to uncover the perfect fit jeans.”

Sartorial Sleuth™: A spy who uncovers all that is chic.
usage: “I love those shoes she spotted—she is quite the sartorial sleuth!”

Silver Bullet: An attractive man or woman.
usage: “Did you see that silver bullet she’s dating? He’s hot!”