MISSION: Jennifer Lawrence Gets Dissed Over Wardrobe Faux Pas

MISSION: Jennifer Lawrence Gets Dissed Over Wardrobe Faux Pas

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GLOBAL — Lately it seems like the media can't get enough of Jennifer Lawrence. First she was mocked for dissing Hollywood veteran Meryl Streep during the acceptance speech for her first Golden Globe, when she jokingly exclaimed, "I beat Meryl!" She later explained that it was a ine from "The First Wive's Club" and meant in total jest.

Then there's the Dior disaster at the 19th Annual Screen Actor Guild Awards. Well, not quite a disaster, but it has media tongues wagging about her presumed wardrobe malfunction as she walked onstage to snag, yet another award for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook."

While watching the show on Sunday night, I too wondered what mishap was occuring to this Hollywood golden girl's designer frock. Just when I thought it was another case of fashpionage, it appears there's nothing covertly disastrous about what was witnessed at the SAG Awards. Apparently, the dress had an overlapping tier and beneath that tier was a sheer panel attached to the floor length tier of the dress. As she lifted the tiers of fabric, so not to trip over the hem as she ascended the stage steps, the top tier of her sapphire blue Dior gown raised high enough that the sheer panel was exposed. It appeared as if her designer gown had ripped, when in fact a tier was just lifted too high. Perhaps the panel should have been constructed from an opaque material.

I can't wait to see if mayhem ensues for Lawrence next month at the Oscars. Stay tuned!

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