My Style Resolution for the New Year is …

My Style Resolution for the New Year is …

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Global — We’re always out to set new resolutions for the upcoming year, from shedding a few pounds to rocking a new look. I caught up with a few people who shared some of their style resolutions for 2011.


More Resolutions:

Margaux A. — “To take more risks and get creative. I err on the outlandish side in my personality and I want my clothes to reflect that more.”

Joe B. — “To have a more casual, but business-like look; more of a combination of vests, collared shirts, ties, and khakis to go along with my golf caps and extensive collection of shoes.”

Shaneia C. — “To add more vintage and popping hues to my wardrobe. I need more color in my life!”

April H. — “To drop the Goth look forever.”

Sherry M. — “To find a green Coach trench and matching eyeshadow!”

Dawnie N. — “To change my style overall. I think what I’ve been wearing is way too conservative. I’ve been seriously trying to redo my wardrobe for awhile now, but very difficult with the time constraints.”

Juanita S. — “To rock my natural curly hair in other ways. I also plan to revamp my closet and let go of the clutter. I have donated a lot of my clothes, shoes, and jewelry to those less fortunate already. I am embarking on a new journey so this is a great time to explore.”

Julie W. — “To not rely on black clothes as the foundation of my entire wardrobe!”

Philip W. — “For me, I think 2011 will be all about vintage. Right now, I’m craving fur and python, so hopefully there is some looming in the near future.”

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