Meet New Agent Tia Newton of Four One OH! Blog

Meet New Agent Tia Newton of Four One OH! Blog

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To kick off the new “Passport To Chic” series, where we feature content from around the world, I’m excited to introduce new Chic Spy Agent Tia Newton who hales from Baltimore, Maryland. She is the uber chic style blogger from Four One OH!, where she not only serves up amazing style, but showcases some of the yummy eats she discovers around town. As if you didn’t already know, the popular TV show “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey is filmed in Baltimore and Tia admits to occasionally bumping into some of the cast at one of her favorite haunts. Check out my interview with my newest agent as she shares intel on her style inspiration and Baltimore hotspots. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our teaser video above shot in National Landmark Historic District, Mount Vernon.

Tia-Newton-of-Four-One-Oh-BlogWhy did you decide to become a style blogger?

I finally decided to make Baltimore my home after contemplating moving back to New York. I have always wanted to start a blog and after some great encouragement from my friends, I decided to take the leap right at the beginning of the summer. Personal style is all about the individual and as someone who lives in a city that isn’t associated with fashion, I thought it would be a great challenge to show my own perspective on style. I was born and raised in Baltimore and I have always stuck out when it came to personal style. Since I can remember I loved hats, shoes and have always loved reading fashion magazines. My upbringing, traveling and my career have all prepared me for telling my fashion story, I just hope everyone enjoys it.

What inspires your fashion sense?

Traveling inspires my fashion sense. I have been lucky enough to travel practically all around the world and I believe I take a piece of each place I have been to. From the the chic and simplicity fashion of Europe to the individuality and risky fashion of Japan. I love to experiment with my style and I never put myself in any specific category.

Who is your favorite style icon?

Kate Moss. I love how she can change it up while always looking chic and edgy.

If you could only have one outfit that you had to wear everywhere what would it be and who would be the designer?

An all black Tom Ford Suit. I’m sure it would be tailored perfectly and the design would be timeless. Who needs anything else?

What’s your favorite fashion accessory?

A hat. I like to refer to myself as a walking hat stand. I absolutely love hats. I’m currently obsessed with the wide brim hats at Free People.

What’s your must-have tech gadget of the moment?

I want the iPhone 6, a great camera and cell phone is a must-have for every blogger. The iPhone 6 is on the top of my must-have list.

What’s a beauty item you always have in your purse?

Makeup Forever Black Eyeliner. I don’t leave home without it.

What’s your poison?

Tom Ford Black Violet, my go-to for fall and winter.

If you could go on a top secret mission with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Well since James Bond isn’t a real character I would probably take the next best person, Daniel Craig. Top secret missions usually come with danger and he looks like he will be the perfect person to get us out of crazy situations and he looks like he packs a mean punch. The fact that he is easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.

Favorite hotspots in Baltimore for shopping, dining, and getting a cocktail.

Best place to shop is Towson Mall. Towson has Free People, Anthropologie and Nordstrom. South Moon Under and For Rent Shoes are some of my favorite local places to shop. Harbor East and the Inner Harbor are the best places to grab cocktails and drinks. I love the sushi (and the chef is amazing) at Roy’s, we also have Ra Sushi, which has the best happy hour and sushi specials. You have to try the Viva Las Vegas and the Blushing Geisha. The Four Season’s Wit & Wisdom has the best lead bartender, Aaron. His drinks are masterpieces! You have to try either the “Baltimore South Side” or “Madame Lotus.” Perfect.

Favorite cocktail.

I love mojitos and recently I tried the “Baltimore South Side” at Wit & Wisdom in the Four Seasons and fell in love.  It’s an awesome twist to a mojito, similar ingredients, but let’s just say I will never be going back to a mojito.

Video and Image source: Glenford Nunez

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