Five Reasons To Get Hooked On “Revenge”

Five Reasons To Get Hooked On “Revenge”

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Adding a television series to the list of must-watch shows has never been easier since Revenge hit ABC’s primetime. Whether it is because of the beautiful lifestyle of the Hamptons, the exclusive and glamourous parties or just the blood thrust for revenge, the show offers a perfect mixture of high society and action. The series is jammed packed with suspense, drama and a lot of sexual tensions with some of the hottest cast members on television. Despite the characters refined appearance, these socialites will do whatever it takes to get ahead and will stop at nothing to give their enemies their just desserts. “Revenge” may be in the middle of its fourth season, but don’t let that stop you from tuning in because we’ve got five reasons to get hooked on “Revenge” now. Before the next episode, you might want to have a weeklong viewing session.


1 The Plot: The series takes place in the high society of the Hamptons where a young millionaire Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) moves into the neighborhood and tries to get close with the most elite family, the Graysons. Little do they know that her real identity is Amanda Clarke, the daughter of a business partner that was wrongfully accused as a terrorist for bombing an airplane. As a result, she plots against the Grayson family and stops at nothing to make them pay for what they did to her father. The series later diverges into different paths that later help the viewers understand the deep-rooted storyline and the complex development of the characters. Even though the series takes many twist and turns, the show leaves the audience wanting more and makes it so hard not to tune in every week.

2 The Fashion: Since the show deals with the lives of the Hamptons elite, it’s no surprise that we would see the main characters strutting some of the most high-end fashion pieces. Jill Ohanneson, who is the Costume Designer for the hit series, takes every top label anyone can think of and matches them with the personalities of the characters. From Valentino to Marc Jacobs, “Revenge” gives any fashionista something to be excited about.

3 Victoria Grayson: If there is one person you wouldn’t want as an enemy, it is Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). She is the top socialite of the Hamptons and would do anything to save herself and keep her families polished image from being tarnished, she’d even resort to murder. Victoria may look like she has a calm exterior, but her wicked comments and crazy piercing eyes alone can send chills down your spine.

4 Strong Female Leads: It goes without saying that the series is comprised of some of the most talented cast members. Emily Thorne is one of the best characters television has had in a while. She’s not only beautiful and always looks stunting in her dresses, but she is a mastermind with all of her plans to take down the Graysons and she can kick everyone’s butt with her awesome martial art skills. Additionally, we have Victoria Grayson, who also has many tricks up her sleeve. She not only knows how to manipulate those around her, but she has many skeletons in her closet that lets viewers understand why she is the way she is. The power struggle between both of these ladies is incredible to the point where no one knows what to expect and which side will win.

5 The Revenge: “Revenge” is a dish best served cold, and that statement has never been more real than with this show. The series not only focuses on Emily’s payback, but it also demonstrates how every character in the show has a good and evil within them. With every dramatic twist, someone the audience has grown fond of can become sinister and vengeful. At the same time, viewers can also look inside a hated character in order to see why they are the way they are. Nevertheless, the characters rotate with their different stories, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all want their revenge.

Revenge airs Sundays 10|9c on ABC.

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