Guest Agent: Katelyn Nacon

Guest Agent: Katelyn Nacon

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Nacon talks acting, being an introvert, and prepping for a zombie apocalypse

If you are a fan of AMC’s popular series “The Walking Dead,” then you no doubt are familiar with the shows co-star Katelyn Nacon. The rising starlet joined the cast in season five, as Enid an isolated teen, who joins the battle against menacing zombies wreaking havoc in Georgia. As we gear up for season 8 to hit the small screen on October 22nd, I recently caught up with the busy young actress–who also sings and writes music in her spare time–to get intel on what it’s like to work on a popular TV series, upcoming projects, and her style favorites.

What was your first acting gig and how did you land a role on “The Walking Dead.” My first acting job was this web commercial for AT&T hot spot–or at least I’m pretty sure it was. The process of getting the job for “The Walking Dead” was all very quick. I sent in a taped audition, and within a week I found out I got the job and probably cried for an hour because I was just so happy.

How would you describe your character on the show? Enid is a girl who got pushed into an apocalyptic world all on her own. It caused her to build up walls and try to survive on her own, but now with new people coming into her life, like Carl and Maggie, she has finally started to let herself open up again.
Do you relate to Enid, if so how? Well, the way I go about getting into the character is I put myself in her shoes, so if I went though the same things Enid went through, then I would pretty much be the same person that everyone knows as Enid.

If zombies really overtook the world and you were told you had to make a quick escape and could only bring five things, what would they be? A lighter, water filter, gun, knife, and duct tape. I’ve got to try my best to be prepared. Even if I would probably die first, within the five minutes of the start of the apocalypse.

If you could act with anyone past or present, who would it be and why? Meryl Streep all the way! It amazes me every time I see her perform, just how amazingly talented she is.

Who is your Hollywood crush and why? Tom Hanks. Who wouldn’t have a crush on Woody from “Toy Story”?

What is your favorite quote? Honestly, I’ve really never had one. I usually just end up looking up quotes online whenever someone asks me.

What would your fans be shocked to know about you? I’m extremely introverted. If I have to spend time with a large amount of people, I usually have to recharge by just being alone for a while. It also causes me to take more time to finally open up to people.

What other projects are in the works for you currently? I just recently found out that the series “T@gged” that I’m in is renewed for a third season. I can’t wait to get to work on it.

Complete this sentence: If I were not acting, I would be… Either singing or writing. On a normal day I would one hundred percent say singing, but I kind of would like to give writing a try as well.

If you were a Chic Spy Agent, what would be your code name? Code Name. It’s so obvious and it would throw everyone off.

Talking style and entertainment…

What is your style profileI would have to say a blend of Classicist and Rocker. I can’t narrow it down to just one.

Katelyn Nacon in Zara Premium Denim Collection midrise boyfriend jeans

Favorite in fashion. I have this pair of jeans that I try to get away with wearing everyday. They are Zara Premium Denim Collection midrise boyfriend jeans.

What’s one beauty routine you do daily? I always make sure to wash my face, even if I go a full day without make up or anything.

Favorite in beauty. My favorite right now would probably be the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Pearl. It really adds a lot, and makes me feel like I’m glowing.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Pearl

Favorite in entertainment. “The Office”! I fell in love with that show and when I finished the series on Netflix, I just sat there debating on starting the series over again or not.

Favorite place to dine and what you like to eat there.
I am really obsessed with this Italian place called Vingenzo’s, and every time I go I always order the spaghetti pomodoro. I absolutely love it!

Favorite in food. Honestly, any kettle cooked chips or any form of potato, really. But mostly, kettle cooked chips are what I go for.

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