Mission: Actor Launches Line of Inspirational Journals

Mission: Actor Launches Line of Inspirational Journals

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Sean Mann, co-founder of “The Common Thought” journals. (Photo credit: BW Lee Photography)

SAN FRANCISCO — I’m always on the hunt for hot new products from chic up and comers. I recently discovered one-of-a-kind journals stamped with a positive message and bound with recycled and vintage book covers, including a book of poetry from songwriter Jewel. I caught up with Sean Mann, a model-turned actor, who co-founded The Common Thought with Carlos Juarez, to chat about his new venture, latest acting projects, and personal style.

The Chic Spy: What inspired you to launch a line of journals?
Sean Mann: It was inspired by a statistic that says that you have an 80% better chance to achieve your goals if you write them down. We wanted to be catalysts for that statistic.

TCS: When did you launch the journals?
SM: We officially launched nationally this month via

TCS: How do you decide which vintage book cover to use?
SM: We never know what we’re going to get. It’s totally random. There’s never an expectation, so we feel like every book we have is a gem. I thought I was an avid reader until I started doing this, most of the ones we have in circulation no one has even heard of. We’ve even come across some books that were published in the 1800s. The spontaneity of the whole process keeps it exciting for everyone involved.

TCS: Is there a meaning associated with each journal?
SM: You have the power to put a theme behind your journal. This is paramount for us, to give you something that is truly yours. The Jewel journal may be perfect for the aspiring artist; “Close to Colette” who was a controversial French novelist, could be great for a non-conformist. Regardless of what you get, it can grow to be your most trusted confidant. That’s the beauty of it all.

TCS: What other cool projects are you working on currently?
SM: Currently in pre-production for an Indie called “Act Naturally” as well as a project that I wrote and will be producing called “The Common Wealth.” It’s “Entourage” meets “How to Make it in America.” Lastly, I’m at the home stretch of an educational theatre play entitled “Hungry.” It’s a children’s play that addresses youth hunger in America. It’s something that despite all that is done behind closed doors, doesn’t get addressed enough in the open so hopefully this will bring some candid light to the issue.

My style is about attitude. I’m big on bringing out your strengths through your dress.

TCS: How would you describe your style?
SM: My style is about attitude. I’m big on bringing out your strengths through your dress. We communicate a lot through fashion. You don’t need to be a model to have confidence in what you wear. I’ll wear sweatpants out if its just one of those days. I’ll throw on a suit if it stares at me long enough. I’m also a huge fan of layering, and contrasting, especially this time of year. It adds life to the outfit and shows imagination. Above all, comfort and quality are paramount. Those two things never go out of style.

TCS: What’s on your playlist?
SM: When I’m driving it’s always on the “Kickback Musico” playlist, mellow stuff like Smokey Robinson, The Weeknd, Mayer Hawthorne, Bob Marley. The gym playlist ranges from Tupac to Afrojack, and Blue Oyster Cult. All [my] playlists are very eclectic.

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