Mission: Shady Lady

Mission: Shady Lady

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Shield your peepers with chic shades!

Sunscreen, check. Strappy sandals, check. Shimmery gloss, check. Your bag is chock full of all the essentials necessary for a summer mission, whether it be a cruise on the French Riviera or a pool party in Southern Cali. But before you roll up your beach towel and dash out the door, don’t forget your chic sunnies. This season’s shades are hot to trot! The right sunglasses will complement your outfit and are the perfect way to chicly protect your peepers from the sun’s damaging UV rays like the Club Monaco Selima Vintage 06 sunglasses.


Shades for every face shape

You may think that picking a pair of sunnies is as easy as stopping by your favorite shopping haunt and slipping on a series of shades until the right look just pops. But what makes your preferred sunglasses look so amazing is more than just the current trend or the designer label, it’s also your face shape. From aviator to cat eye—whether your face is oval, round, square, or heart—there are sunglasses for every face shape. Here are a few summer sunglass styles to put on your radar for a chic look.

Oval Face

If your face shape is oval you can wear a bevy of shapes, but square frames will pop most.

Round Face

If your face shape is round, choose frames that have angles or a squared shape to flatter the soft round curves of your face.

Square Face

If your face is square, opt for curvier styles to offset your angular features such as round, aviator, or cat eye frames.

Heart Face

If you face shape is heart, look for frames light in color with thin temples to flatter your broader brow and narrow chin.

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