Movie Brief: The Boss

Movie Brief: The Boss

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Funny Lady Melissa McCarthy (Spy, The Heat) hits the big screen in her new film The Boss. I was so excited for this movie mission because McCarthy knows how to deliver the laughs. McCarthy not only acts in the film, but serves as writer and executive producer as well.

If this film is on your radar, check out my radar rating to see how The Boss measures up.

Plot: McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, with a rags to riches story that takes her from being an orphan to a self-made millionaire. Her rise to fame and fortune has been paved with some not-so-good deeds that land her behind bars for insider trading. But Darnell proves to be a comeback queen when she starts a brownie business and with the help of a former employee (Kristen Bell) and lady boss mentor (Kathy Bates), she’s back on track, but her vengeful ex-boyfriend (Peter Dinklage) is determined to take her down.

Engagement: This movie as a whole came up short in the funny department, but in traditional style, McCarthy delivers enough funny moments to make this film enjoyable. With her penchant for slapstick comedy, like a scene where she is smashed by a defective daybed, or one where she engages in a street brawl with a girl’s troupe, this McCarthy movie will keep you entertained. Her films tend to have a cheeky knack for spoofing other films or taking a dig at real life scenarios, and this movie does that quite well!

Style: McCarthy’s fashion in this film is quite chic and on par with her character. McCarthy even takes liberty to diss not-so-chic fashion with lines like, “You dress like you shop at CVS.” As a curvy actress, the costuming complemented the actress and was a great component to support the high style, take-charge persona of Darnell. Featuring luxe accessories such as Burberry scarves and Louis Vuitton luggage, how could they go wrong!

Release: Friday, April 8th

Image source: Universal Pictures

  • 7/10
    Plot - 7/10
  • 7.5/10
    Engagement - 7.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Style - 8.5/10
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