Martini In A Bottle, Shaken, Not Stirred

Martini In A Bottle, Shaken, Not Stirred

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Vitani is a hot new cocktail served in a bottle

When I think of martinis, I can’t help but think of my favorite onscreen spy James Bond, who prefers his martinis shaken, not stirred. An image of him dressed in a tux and sipping a Vesper–named for a Bond Girl–is omnipotent. But in the past, if you craved a chic cocktail, you had to head to your nearest mixologist. Not anymore–now there’s a pre-mixed version in town called Vitani. They are serving up martinis in super chic silver aluminum bottles. Vitani martinis are so sleek, they will turn your next patio party into a swanky soirée. Here are a few deets you need to know about Vitani and why you should put this covert cocktail on your radar:

  1. It’s made with premium award-winning vodka.
  2. It’s produced in Chicago by a husband and wife duo.
  3. It’s available in Chicago and Phoenix, currently.
  4. It comes in five flavors: Citrus Ginger (ginger, lemon, lime), Cosmo (cranberry, orange, triple sec), Dirty (olive brine), Elderpear (pear, honey, elderflower), and Cucumber (natural cucumber). Citrus Ginger has the essence of spiked lemonade. Cosmo  has a fruity flavor. Dirty has a briny tang. Elderpear has a sweet taste. Cucumber has a fresh note. If you prefer a cocktail with kick, opt for Citrus Ginger, Cosmo, and Dirty. For a subtle taste of Vodka in your martini, select Elderpear (my personal fave) or Cucumber.
  5. It comes in two sizes, one for sharing and an individual serving.
  6. They are all 36 proof, except the Dirty Martini, which is 39 proof.
  7. Vitani recommends you chill, shake, and enjoy.
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