Famous Women Spies

Famous Women Spies

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Did You Know …

that Audrey Hepburn was an award-winning actress, but she also supported the resistance against the Nazi occupiers in Holland during WWII and would relay messages for them in her shoes.

Josephine Baker, 1950, by Rudolf Surdoch.

that Josephine Baker was an exotic dancer and performer, but she also was recruited by the French military intelligence in 1939, to gather information about German troops while she attended high-profile parties in Europe.

Greta Garbo, 1930, by Anna Christie.

that Greta Garbo was an actress, but she also reported on the identity and activities of Nazis to British Intelligence and the royal family in Sweden, where she was from.

Marlene Dietrich, publicity for “No Highway” (1951).

that Marlene Dietrich was an actress, but she also was suspected of being a spy for her native homeland, Germany, in the 1940s. To squelch suspicions, she offered to be a spy for the U.S. and collect information on German activities throughout Europe, while she was entertaining troops.

JJulia Child, 1978, by Lynn Gilbert.

that Julia Child was a celebrity chef, but she also worked for the U.S. government in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and even cooked up a repellant to protect underwater explosives from being setoff by sea creatures.

Hedy Lamarr, publicity for “The Heavenly Body” (1944).

that Hedy Lamarr was an actress, but she was also invented a communication technology called ‘frequency hopping’ (a.k.a. WIFI) for the U.S. military intelligence, after fleeing her abusive husband and hometown in Austria.

Alice Marble, 1937, public domain on Wikipedia.

that Alice Marble was a ranked no. 1 in the world tennis player, but she also agreed to spy for the U.S. intelligence in 1945, and to renew a relationship with a Swiss banker and obtain Nazi financial data.

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