Mission: The Hat Effect

Mission: The Hat Effect

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There’s nothing like a hat to top off a chic look. I recently spotted a video showcasing how hats, for both women and men, have evolved over the years and it inspired my latest mission on choosing a hat style for every face shape.

For decades hats have been a style staple, whether worn to church or donned during a polo match. As a sartorial sleuth, I know all too well that just the right hat is a most excellent way to shield one’s identity and in the summer, a perfect way to safe guard one’s face. But there are a few factors to consider when selecting a hat, from hair style to face shape. Whatever your style, there’s a hat style for you, but a true agent of chic knows that most importantly, is which style best complements you and your face shape.

Watch the video below and see how hats have evolved in the past 100 years, then check out my tips on what hat style works with your face shape.

Round Face

Opt for wide-brimmed or shapely hats that will balance the soft curved shape of your face such as cloche hats.

Heart Face

Try rounded, picture, and wider brimmed hats that draw attention up and away from your forehead such as fedoras.

Square Face

Choose rounded, curvy hat styles that will softer the look of your angular face such as boat hats.

Long Face

Wear wide-brimmed hats that tilt down over your forehead to minimize face length such as floppy hats.

The Chic Spy

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