Mission: 7 Lessons From Prince of Style

Mission: 7 Lessons From Prince of Style

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Prince’s untimely death has prompted many to share their memories about him, from celebrities talking about his wisdom, fans reminiscing about jamming to his music, even Minnesota locals describing him as a great neighbor. I remember him as a style icon!

Prince meant a lot to many, the songs he sang such as “When doves Cry” (1984), “Purple Rain” (1984), Let’s Go Crazy” (1984)—to the music he wrote for others including Chaka Khan‘s “I Feel For You” (1984), The Bangles‘ “Manic Monday” (1986), and Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” (1990).

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” ~ Prince, “Let’s Go Crazy” (1984)

But I especially want to give the lyrical Prince props for what he did for style. Prince was a risk taker in life and in fashion. What man, or even woman for that matter, would have enough bravado to change their name—not to a new moniker mind you—to a symbol, and then be dubbed the “Artist formerly known as Prince”?

What thrilled me most about Prince was his penchant for setting trends rather than following them. Whether it was the time he sported sky-high platforms, rocked a floor-length fur, or donned winged eyeliner, Prince spearheaded the concept of unisex dressing with his eccentric stage style—doing for androgyny what Audrey Hepburn did for the little black dress.

This is why the talented musician, who was rumored to play more than a dozen instruments, should also be recognized as a style icon. Not for what he wore, but how he wore it—with the courage to be himself and define his own personal style.

So, listen up agents of chic, here are seven lessons we can learn from the Prince of Style!


  1. Wear brilliant color, color, and more color!
  2. Mix those patterns up! Want leopard with those stripes?
  3. Put a ring on it—make it two or even three—and make it BIG!
  4. Wing it with dark eyeliner and don’t forget the bottom lashes!
  5. Dare to dress outside your box—sequins, ruffles, fringe—OH MY!
  6. Find yourself a raspberry beret, you know, the kind you find in a second hand store.
  7. Rebel and change your plain name to an interesting symbol. Is the ‘+’ symbol taken?

Image source: (Kevin Mazur/Wireimage/NPG Records/Getty) and On Point Press

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