Audrey Hepburn’s Coat Style In “Charade” Is Covert

Audrey Hepburn’s Coat Style In “Charade” Is Covert

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I can’t help but love any film that Audrey Hepburn stars in. It’s exceptionally exciting when that movie is Charade (1963) and she’s sporting chic incognito looks worthy of a spy including a classic trench with a silk scarf, a funnel coat with oversized sunnies, and a cropped fur coat with a hooded sweater – they’re looks a sartorial sleuth could love. In the film, Hepburn co-stars with Cary Grant in a romantic suspense thriller as Regina Lampert, the widow of a murdered man. She tries to dodge shady characters while foiling a missing money caper. Throughout the movie she dons a bevy of beautiful coats. Check out similar looks to Audrey Hepburn’s coat style in “Charade” below. Just in case you’ve never seen it, or want to see it again, watch the full film above!


Tommy Hilfiger classic trench, $180 | Wallis orange multi stitch funnel coat, $115 | Liska ‘Philippa’ mink fur coat, $4,449

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Cover image source: Maura Kearns

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