Bright Hues Illuminate Dior Fall 2014 Runway In the City of Lights

Bright Hues Illuminate Dior Fall 2014 Runway In the City of Lights

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As the fashion capital of the world, the standard for Paris Fashion Week is always being raised. When designers present their collections, it’s not just a show; it’s a grand production. One of the designers who met this expectation was Raf Simons as he gave “City of Lights” a new meaning. Strutting down an illuminated white runway was Simon’s colorful vision for the Christian Dior Fall 2014 Collection.


Hanging from the rafter are bright lights and solar panels with hues in blue, purple, and pink. As the show begins, we are eased in with black trenches and suits with small pops of bright yellow, red, and sky blue via accessories such as handbags and long gloves. Upon a closer look, we see white ribbon interwoven into the ribs of the trenches. As color gets bolder, models in oxblood, black, and forest green pantsuits flow down the runway with fuchsia, highlighter yellow, and sky blue trenches draped over their forearm.


The peak of the collection comes in the very middle of the show with Simon’s contrasting dresses. Appearing to be two dresses coalesced into one, the first layer was a soft neutral. The next layer was a bright and bold color with double the trouble, a plunging neckline and a high slit. The eye followed the slit as it left us with an intersecting floral accent. Evening wear gave the eye a brief relief with black and navy blazers atop contrasting white dresses peaking from underneath. We are then met with green and fuchsia solid colored gowns that seem to have a life of their own as they move with the models.


The show ends with its last fits of color: solid colored sleeveless trenches in royal blue, yellow, and red. And then there was the epic magenta quilted dress paired with long brown gloves and an orange dress with an oxblood blazer and oversized hot pink scarf. Simons took Dior in a different direction by taking what are deemed as “summer colors” and blending them with neutrals to create a bold fall line. He also played around with the slit trend and put them in places one would not expect to find them. His palette choices combined with the all white out background gave an authentic feel of the effervescent city.


  1. Layering
  2. Color blocking
  3. Sleeveless jackets and outerwear
  4. Two-tone bags
Alyssa Ford

Alyssa Ford

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