Create the Ultimate Fashion Closet In Three Steps

Create the Ultimate Fashion Closet In Three Steps

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GLOBAL — I know you think I am going to send you shopping for new gear, well I am, but not just yet; you have some spring cleaning to do first and it’s going to be an easy three-step process.

Who doesn’t envy those lovely closets we see on the screen from Carrie Bradshaw’s walk through on Sex and the City to the Runway fashion closet on The Devil Wears Prada? They’re enough to make any chic agent shutter. But what makes them so crave-worthy is more than the fact that they are chock full of designer confections – they are impeccably organized as well. A stack of sweaters here and a row of heels there, it’s all aligned so prettily it’s enough to make you swoon. Admittedly, I’ve had a few closet crushes of my own and what appealed to my sartorial senses most were those color-coordinated and organized in sections and containers. Here’s how you can achieve the ultimate fashion closet in three easy steps.

Step One

Go through your closet, storage containers and drawers – wherever you store your wearables – and do a comprehensive inventory. Then create three piles: a keep pile, a maybe pile and a donation pile. This is always the difficult stage, discarding items, but you can only vow so many times that something will either be back in fashion or fit some day. At first it may seem like a scene from Clueless where Cher frantically rummages through a pile of clothing, but unless you have a closet the size of her’s with revolving racks and all, it’s time to make room for what you actually wear now. Once you’ve separated the items, pack up the donation pile and have those items picked up by a donation organization immediately. Remember, your trash is another person’s treasure.

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Step Two

Nope, it’s not shopping day yet; now you need to revisit your maybe pile from step one. The pile may include sentimental items like your wedding dress or the sneakers you wore when you ran your first marathon – there are just some things us girls just can’t part with. So place these items in airtight storage containers and to the attic or basement they go. The back of the closet will work too, after all, that’s where Carrie put her one-of-a-kind Vivienne Westwood wedding gown. Now you should have a pile of items you use frequently (at least 6 times per year). It is important to evaluate whether you have the essentials needed for your wardrobe — this is also when you’ll determine what of your keep pile really needs to be discarded. I mean really, those Cole Haan driving moccasins may be your most comfortable shoes to wear with your favorite jeans, but if the seam of the shoe is tattered and torn or the sole is worn, then it’s time to say bye-bye. This holds true for most things. If you can get it repaired at a fraction of what new will cost, then it’s a keeper, if not, discard and move on.


Step Three

You should invest in a few storage boxes. Whether they are lacquered, printed, or transparent – a vibrant set of boxes are a decorative way to organize your closet and keep all your accessories easily accessible. I’m loving the set of two Oskar boxes, $19.99, as a stylish solution for storing scarves, hats, jewelry, even shoes. They come in an array of colors to match your decor and you can label them so you know the contents without having to open the box.

Now that you have your keepers and a cool way to organize them, it’s time to go shopping. Stay tuned for my “A-Z Guide: What Every Chic City Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe” coming in April!

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