Designer on the Rise: Mia Bossi

Designer on the Rise: Mia Bossi

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Label: Mia Bossi
Product: Designer diaper bags
Debut: 2005
Designers: Angie Chun, Janet Lee and Caroline Kang
Style feature: Handcrafted of Italian leather and fabrics, the Mia Bossi diaper bag is a multi-purpose designer bag that includes a detachable diaper bag insert that can be replaced by a computer bag insert (sold separately). Can also be used as a handbag or travel case.
Fun fact: Mia Bossi is sported by celebrities including:
Jennifer Hudson-shown above and Christina Aguilera (Maria in Tangerine)
Brooke Burke (Alisa Green Apple-shown below, Alisa Licorice)Madonna and Katie Holmes (Audrey in Sand-shown below)
Kate Hudson (Maria in Exotic Pink)
Nicole Kidman (Reese in Sahara)

Styleology 101: What is the source of inspiration when creating a new design?

Angie Chun: With anything in the fashion industry, we try and predict or keep a closewatch on what the upcoming trends will be by traveling to Europe twice ayear. We also incorporate our 3 individual styles to create somethingappealing for each and every mother.

Styleology 101: What sets Mia Bossi apart from other diaper bag and handbag designers?

Angie Chun: Mia Bossi was the first to come out with stylish diaper bags that do not look like you’re carrying a diaper bag. We know there are mothers outthere who don’t want to lose their sense of style by carrying around allthose other “cutesy” diaper bags with plastic covering. Our bags are alsosuper multi functional! You can use it as a diaper bag, travel bag,handbag, and a business/laptop carrier (laptop carrier insert soldseparately). Another great feature about our bags is the zippered liningyou can zip-in or zip-out depending on if you’d like to use the bag withall the great pockets or just as one huge tote bag.

Styleology 101: How do you come up with the names for your bags?

Angie Chun: We all collaborate and imagine what name would best represent each style. You could say it’s almost like naming your baby!

Styleology 101: If you could design a custom bag for anyone past or present, who would it be?

Angie Chun: Gwen Stefani because she embodies a great sense of individual style and
(Photo credits: Mia Bossi)
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