Fashion Designer Facts

Fashion Designer Facts

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Did You Know …

that Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director for Fendi and Chanel, has a luxury line of accessories for tech gadgets, owns many iPods, but is rumored to not have a mobile phone and has been quoted as not liking the selfie phenomenon.

did-you-know-fashion-facts-blue-karlito-studded-saffiano-leather-and-mink-fur-iphone-6-casethat the ‘Lacoste’ crocodile was the first brand name to appear as a logo on a garment.

that once upon a time Christian Louboutin shoes were available with baby blue soles as the “something blue” for brides-to-be.

that famed American designer Ralph Lauren never studied fashion design, but instead attended Business School at Baruch College in Manhattan.

that Marc Jacobs is a devoted dog owner and even named a perfume after his dog Daisy, which was named after Daisy Buchannan from “The Great Gatsby.”

that when Michael Kors ran his own boutique at 11-years-old in his basement, it was called Iron Butterfly Boutique and he sold homemade candles and leather pouches.

that the Guinness World Records named Gucci’s distressed, ripped and African bead-embellished ‘Genius Jeans’, as the most expensive jeans in the world. They debuted October 1998 in Milan for $3,134.

that Gabriella ‘Coco’ Chanel created her first perfume Chanel No 5 in 1921, and it was the first fragrance to bear the name of a designer. The number five was used because a fortune teller reportedly told her that five was her lucky number. (It’s also been rumored that it was named because it was the fifth scent created and liked)

Product: Fendi ‘Karlito’ studded Saffiano leather & mink fur iPhone 6 case.
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