Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture Collection Inspired From Past

Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture Collection Inspired From Past

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Christian-Dior-Fall-2014-Couture-CollectionRaf Simons Takes Us to The Edwardian Era With Petticoats In Pale Hues and Intricate Beading

Raf Simons always sets a fabulous atmosphere to enhance his fashion shows for Dior. Yesterday was no different. As audience members filed into the special-made venue, they were met with a wall of 150,000 orchids. It was like a portal to a white flowery wonderland.

While fashion aficionados including Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington sat front row center, the Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture show kicked off with an array of white, cream and gray dresses made of a beautiful shimmering fabric. Some even had bits of botanical detailing on them. What made these couture dresses pop were their bell-shaped skirts, which also had deep pockets that models stuck their hands into as they strolled down the catwalk.

In the next segment, we began to see more contemporary dresses and jumpsuits come down the runway all accompanied by a futuristic belt. The jumpsuits appeared to have parachute-like pants and resembled an astronaut’s space outfit. We then were introduced to floor length fur coats and trench coats, which came in black, grays and deep blues.

Simons gave us a lighter feel with white and light pink tops and sheer skirts. We were then brought back to the Edwardian period with colorful petticoats. Each one had very detailed beading towards the middle of the garment that made each piece pop as it came down the runway.

Fast forward a few centuries, Simons showed us longer dresses that seemed to have been inspired by the 1920’s. Each moved beautifully on the models as they flowed down the runway. One of the last things we see are trench coats with oversized uniquely shaped collars. Some had large circular collars that scoop down below the breast while others had star-shaped collars.

After two years of being the man behind the French brand, Raf Simons continues to show us why he rules the Dior runway.

Alyssa Ford

Alyssa Ford

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