Agent Style and Entertainment Faves of 2013

Agent Style and Entertainment Faves of 2013

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GLOBAL — Although we’re excited to ring in the new year, my chic agents and I can’t help but reminisce about what we loved in 2013 and you might want to check out in 2014. Here’s a few of our favorites from last year, oh and we couldn’t resist sharing a trend we wish would go away, for good!

Favorite Fashion Trend

Christian-Louboutin-Intern-Studded-Flannel-and-Velvet-SlippersThe Chic Spy: “I can’t resist a chic pair of flats for sartorial sleuthing and the embellished and blinged out styles that trended last year were irresistible.”

Jazelle Prado: “High Rise Denim is easy to pair with any cropped T-shirt and a cute short cardigan. Plus they make me feel taller.”
Bria Anderson: “The cool sneaker with an addition of a platform heel was the most fun and convenient fashion trend, allowing an easier ability to wear cool heels everyday.”
Sarah Edwards: “Be it daring leather leggings, a classic tough girl jacket, or cute moto boots – leather added the right amount of edge in 2013.”
Summer Clifford: “Harem Pants – or as my sister calls them ‘Hammer Time Pants.’ They are so fun and comfortable.”

Favorite Beauty Product

Baby-Lips-lip-balm-by-Maybeline-in-Grape-VineThe Chic Spy: “I finally found a red lip color I love with Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Rose Red.”
Jazelle Prado: “I felt safer using bar soaps then liquid soaps that have artificial ingredients and chemicals.”
Bria Anderson: “Cyber color lipstick, the dark colored lip stain was very popular and added a very fierce look to the face and surprisingly was the perfect pop to an outfit look.”
Sarah Edwards: The Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen helped me perfect my cat eye and experiment with different lines this year.
Summer Clifford: “Baby Lips lip balm by Maybelline in Grape Vine. It makes my lips so soft and also gives them a slight tint.”

Favorite Movie

The-Great-Gatsby-Poster-Mulligan-DicaprioThe Chic Spy: “The Great Gatsby had beautiful cinematography, costumes, and who can resist Leonardo DiCaprio?”
Jazelle Prado:Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen Woody. Allen likes to exaggerate and creates well developed characters. It’s always exciting to see one of Woody’s new films.”
Bria Anderson:The Great Gatsby was a well rounded film consisting of a captivating and romantic story line that kept the audience on the edge of their seats and gave us pop culture music and an impacting and profound fashion statement of vintage glamour, therefore, I believe it is safe to say, it is a movie we loved in 2013.”
Sarah Edwards: “With an all-star ensemble cast and those crazy 70’s fashions, American Hustle is definitely one of my favorites of 2013.”
Summer Clifford: “There were some really good dramas and foreign films [in 2013] but I have to say that Anchorman 2 was my favorite. This may make me seem shallow or dumb but come on, it’s Ron Burgundy.”

Favorite TV Show

The-Mindy-Project-PosterThe Chic Spy: “This was my first season watching Scandal and I’m addicted! Just call me a gladiator in a trench.”
Jazelle Prado: “Mindy [of The Mindy Project] isn’t scared to be who she really is. I’ve never seen a woman honor her natural beauty with such confidence on television before. Plus her book was hilarious!”
Bria Anderson:Hit the Floor was a frequent conversation topic and had everyone intrigued with the journey of a young girls road to stardom as a dancer in a crazy world of pro basketball and publicity, and the struggle to stick to the roots of who she is.”
Sarah Edwards:Orange is the New Black not only features multifaceted and powerful women, but hilariously pulls at your heart strings.”
Summer Clifford: “Like everyone else in the world, my favorite show of 2013 (and maybe of all time) was Breaking Bad. Best. Show. Ever.”

Favorite Song/Album

Modern-Vampires-of-the-CityThe Chic Spy: “The single “Stay” from Rihanna is beautiful and my favorite ballad of the year.”
Jazelle Prado: “John Mayer: Born and Raised. He had been putting off an album because of a throat condition, but as soon as he got better, he made an album and hit the road. He is so talented and has such an amazing voice.”
Bria Anderson: “Beyoncé shocks the world releasing [Beyoncé] a non pre-publicized visual album ranking 12th best-selling album of the year, consisting of 14 songs and 17 videos, featuring baby Blue and fun fashion, and of course great music.”
Sarah Edwards:Modern Vampires of the City stands out as being creative enough for the indie crowd and fun enough for everyone else.”
Summer Clifford: “Empire of the Sun’s new album Ice On The Dune – I just love these guys.

Fashion or Beauty Trend To Go Away

The Chic Spy: “No more garish crop tops please.”
Jazelle Prado: “Navajo Print is everywhere – socks, purses, coats, scarves – you name it. It needs to go!”
Bria Anderson: “We have been introduced to the draped look for men’s fashion and even skirt hybrids and knee-length gowns being worn and as Coco Chanel shared, ‘Fashion changes, but style endures,’ and this is not a style I am used to and wouldn’t be upset if its journey in fashion ended.”
Sarah Edwards: “I can’t wait until I can turn on the radio and not hear Robin Thicke’s creeper anthem Blurred Lines … ick!”
Summer Clifford: “Ombre hair … just dye your roots! This hair style is so tacky, I can’t stand it.”

The Chic Spy

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