Designer Name Audio Guide

Designer Name Audio Guide

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Have you ever pondered how to pronounce designer names such as Louboutin or Demeulemeester? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve taken on the challenging mission of figuring out those tongue-twisting designer monikers so you don’t have to. Check out the how-to pronounce designer’s names audio guide below. If you’re looking for a name that is not on the list, send a message and it’s a mission I’ll gladly accept. If there’s a designer name missing that you would like to see added or if you would like to challenge a pronunciation, please share below. Next time you’re out with your BFFs, imagine how impressed they’ll be when you’re tossing around your new fashion vocab.

The Chic Spy

The Chic Spy

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  1. You absolutely right. The inflection in the speaker’s voice, is what makes it sound more like ARE than AIR. Thanks so much for your comment, we love receiving a pronunciation challenge! 🙂

  2. Hiya! Quick question, since Gareth Pugh is English and why is it GAR (rhyming with CAR) and ETH (like Beth) instead of GAR (like DARE) and UTH (like the ITH in BIRTH)? Wondering because I’m from England and have never heard the name pronounced like that here.

  3. Hello Paris! The pronunciations are as follows:

    Céline = Sah-lean
    Haider Ackermann = hider ak-er-man

    Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting my site.

    Chicly Yours,
    The Chic Spy

  4. Hello Lilly,

    Thanks for asking! It’s pronounced as it looks: Ken – zo. Like the name Ken and zo rhymes with go but pronounced with the “Z” sound.

  5. Hello Olive, thanks for asking! You are absolutely correct about the pronunciation of Métier. There is an accent aigu over the last “e” (beauté). The “e” with the accent has a strong “a” sound. The pronunciation of beauté is buh-tay.

    Chicly Yours,
    The Chic Spy

  6. Love love love this!! How about Le Metier de Beaute? I know metier is like meh-tee-ay but is beaute like byoot, boot or boot-ay? 

  7. Thank you for your site! Do you also know how do you pronounce the French brands Maje and Sandro? Thank you!

  8. Love this site! So useful. But do you know how to pronounce Causse, as in the glove designer? I thought it might be like coh-ss, but I’m really not sure.

  9. i don't think you pronounced schiaparelli correctly,
    isn't it meant to be a hard c sound?

  10. I'm so glad I found this site.  I have a friend who always says, "long-champ," like she's correcting me when we talk and I knew she was wrong.  I know it shouldn't bother me but it gets under my skin.  On a side note, I can't understand the craze around carrying what is essentially a travel tote meant to fold up into your real purse.

  11. Great article and beautiful shoes! I can now shop for them with confidence, thanks to you, I will pronouce Louboutin properly when making my purchase. I love these shoes. What type of outfit would you suggest wearing with these magnificant zapatos?

  12. Awesome article. I recently came upon your website and wanted to convey that I have certainly relished reading your blog posts. Anyways I’ll probably be subscribing to your RSS.

  13. Hello Nita,

    Here you go: Longchamp: Lon-chahn. It is a French pronounciation.

  14. Thank you so much. This is a great help. How do you say Indecence? This is a fragrance by Givenchy.

  15. How do you pronounce chic? Although this may seem minor – there is no “sh” sound in spanish. So would you please give proper pronunciation for chic?

  16. Thanks for posting this article; it’s incredibly helpful!
    How do you pronounce Chloë Sevigny though?

  17. Thank you Michelle! You are correct as well. I was thinking readers would read “geel” as they do “gee,” the expression, which is pronounced like “jeel.”

    Chicly Yours,
    The Chic Spy

  18. Hi there, if I remember correctly, the associate at the Ermenegildo Zegna Outlet Store outside of Tuscany, told me that “gil” in Ermenegildo is prounounced “jeel,” like “jack and” jill,” not “geel” like “go”
    So it’s actually Er-men-a-jeel-do. Hope this helps. 🙂

  19. Could you please elaborate on Tibi? I’ve been saying it wrong (tee-bee) and can’t tell from the guide what the correct way is. Either way, thanks so much for the great blog. I’ve probably checked this 5x since summer!

  20. Hi I wana know the correct pronounciation for tis brand – Anges B…Anya Bay..? or Ag-nes B…? sigh…

  21. Great blog, very helpful. For Hermes and Herve Leger though the first part isn’t pronounced “air”, it’s more like “ehr”

  22. this is great! I keep hearing people say Ralph Loren and want to say HE’S AS AMERICAN AS IT GETS! LAUREN, PEOPLE!!! 🙂

  23. This is soooo cool! I absolutely LOVE this blog idea! I’ve been so embarrassed that I didn’t know how to pronounce some of these names, and now I’ve got something to go by. THANKS!

  24. Hello Laura,

    Richard Lambertson and John Truex are known the world around for their luxurious handbags and accessories. How could I miss this one? The pronounciation is as it looks, Lam-bert-son Tru-ex. Thanks for the comment!

  25. Growing up in the 80s, the pronunciation of Aigner was always butchered. What is the correct pronunciation of Etienne Aigner ?

  26. Hello Cynthia, great question! Actually, it is pronounced in two slight variations. Purse is one of them (as in a lady’s purse) and the other is the first ‘e’ in Perse is pronounced like the ‘e’ in the word pet. I hope that helps. Thanks for responding!

  27. How do you pronounce Perse in James Perse? Is it just like “purse”, or something else?

  28. Thanks D, I have added Yves Saint Laurent. Good spot, how could I have missed someone who was a major influence on the fashion industry!

  29. Hello!
    This is great but I must correct Moschino. I did an internship there, and it is..

    Mos-keen-o .. if you can tell the difference? But then again, it might vary depending on ones accent!

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