Bringing 1920s Fashion Back

Bringing 1920s Fashion Back

December 20112245Views

By Claudia Paolinelli

Ralph Lauren Prêt-à-Porter Spring 2012

Global — From film to fashion, the roaring 20s seem to be making a comeback. A few months ago, HBO green lighted a third season for their hit series, "Boardwalk Empire" a critically acclaimed prohibition-era drama directed by Martin Scorcese. In addition, an upcoming remake of the 1974 classic, "The Great Gatsby," is slated to hit the big screen in December 2012, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fashion has surely been influenced by this era. Silk and feather embellishments, cloche hats, and knee-length, drop-waist dresses are synonymous with the sexy, flamboyant, and elegant overtones of the decadent decade.

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Ralph Lauren, who designed the costumes for the original "The Great Gatsby" starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, presented a collection reminiscent of the forgone era.

With pre-fall 2012 upon us, Oscar de la Renta also journeyed back in time, yet his approach to the 20s trend was a bit more understated; pleated silks, beaded and sequined column dresses, and fur were all in tow. They were crafted in a way that didn’t solely resonate 1920s, rather he mixed and matched looks, giving us a sneak peek into what's yet to come.

Do you think other designers will follow their lead? I guess we'll have to wait and see if the 1920s will come roaring back to life.

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