Mission: Get Chic For Holiday Parties

Mission: Get Chic For Holiday Parties

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By Lyndsey Hutcherson

Global — The holiday season is a time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones; so there are bound to be a few swanky soirées and festive fêtes to attend. Wearing the appropriate attire for these occasions is key. Check out the slideshow of party-worthy pieces after the jump!

A holiday party at a friend’s house will allow for a different type of dress than a holiday office event, and a baking party would not require the same attire as a holiday play. Clothing becomes especially important when you receive an invitation to an event that has a specific dress code. When you are told what to wear, there is really no excuse for mishaps.


Glitz and glamour are wonderful ideas when determining an outfit for a holiday party. This is the perfect time to pull out the gold, silver, sequins, and rhinestones. The hemline of the dress or skirt can be above the knee to add some fun to the outfit, however if the festivities are located at your boss’s home then less revealing is best. For example, if you decide to wear a shimmering dress with generous cleavage, make sure that an accent sweater or wrap becomes part of the ensemble. After all, you are at a party that is under employer supervision.

When in doubt, opt for a little black dress, accented with a vibrant hue clutch for a hint of holiday color. Whatever you do, make sure to remember that it is the holiday season, which means that brighter and shinier garments are completely acceptable and in fact, welcome.

Avoid these don’ts and your holiday festivities will be one for the fashion books:

Don’t show too much — An overload of body parts is just as uncomfortable for you as it is for those who have to look at you.

Don’t Under or Over Dress — To ensure that you are not the one person who is ill prepared for the event, make sure that you ask the host or hostess what the attire will be for the party.

Don’t Complicate Things — If you are the host, make sure you keep food, fashion, and gift-giving separate. Don’t try to coordinate everything together, it may be too overwhelming.

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