Norisol Ferrari Designs for Discerning Stylista

Norisol Ferrari Designs for Discerning Stylista

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NEW YORKNorisol Ferrari is not exactly a household name when it comes to the fashion industry, but then again, that is precisely the point. Her Fall 2012 collection was full of wonderfully eccentric pieces constructed from such exquisite materials as mink and soft black leather. The assortment was made for those with a specifically discerning style palette in mind and, most notably, for those whom Ferrari described as, “not overly obsessed with trends.”

Ferrari began generating industry buzz for her young line back in 2009. Having long been a celebrity stylist and ready-to-wear freelance designer in New York, she used her expertise and love for striking furs and leathers to create the Norisol Ferrari label.

Handmade and constructed at Ferrari’s New York City Mulberry Street studio, the brand has a strong focus on the craftsmanship of beautiful goods as well as an uncanny approach to design functionality for the women who wear the pieces.


Ferrari presented her collection at The Box in Lincoln Center at 8:30 a.m. on Valentine’s Day. By 8:05 a.m., a line of waiting onlookers were already surging forward to get to the front and glean the first peep at the collection, which was cleanly styled on 19 mannequins arranged in a semi circle throughout the small loft space. In attendance were a number of New York socialites as well as more than a few loyal clients who were anxious to stake their claim to the original bespoke designs.

The collection included the “La Donna” floor length cashmere and fox lined coat and the red and black tailored “Doris” dress in fine tweed. Feathered head pieces by House of Malakai and leather harnesses by Zan Bayne, which were designed specifically for the show, accentuated Ferrari’s luxurious designs. An added design detail were pockets. Each and every piece had some sort of cleverly hidden pocket or closure in which the wearer can stash mp3’s, cell phones, or tablets.

When asked about her inspiration and what she had in mind when creating this collection, Ferrari responded affirmatively that she wanted the women wearing her clothes to feel “bullet proof” and “strong” as well as “feminine.” She also set out to design something that she could literally wear all day and still look fresh and appropriate for life after work.

A Norisol Ferrari look is clearly a dead hitter for what the modern women needs. It’s stylish, practical, timeless, and utterly unlike anything else out there.

Deborah Metts

Deborah Metts

Deborah Metts is an East Coast agent who loves attending and covering New York Fashion Week. Her on-the-go must-haves include FIKA coffee, CO Bigelow Lotion, and shiny pair of menswear oxfords. When she's not covering a fashion event you can probably catch her hitting up a new eatery or art show in her Uptown nabe.

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