On-Screen Style: Hollywood Digs

On-Screen Style: Hollywood Digs

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More than three years ago I was inspired to launch, a Web site dedicated to giving fashion enthusiasist information on where to get the gear they had seen in film and on TV.

While watching Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, I spotted Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) using a bright pink laptop. After hours, even days of searching for that cotton-candy pink computer, I discovered it was a prop, merely a shell.
But all was not lost, it came to me that others had to have seen something in a film or on television that they couldn’t live without. So I put together the site and went to searching, finding items like, Carrie Bradshaw’s pink crystal ladened cell phone that revealed Mr. Big’s real name as John on the last episode of Sex and the City; the workman’s tank sported by Paris Hilton during the second season of The Simple Life; a leather biker jacket worn by Clark Kent in Smallville during season two; and the sweater vest Betty Suarez appeared in during the second episode of Ugly Betty.
I have since closed the site to launch this style blog, but after many requests for searches I thought I would revamp it somehow. So here it is, each week I will post an on-screen character and show readers how to get their look. Just keep an eye open for HollywoodDigs on Styleology 101 and stay tuned!
~ Mignon
The Chic Spy

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