Movie Brief: Queen of Katwe

Movie Brief: Queen of Katwe

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A winning storyline with heart

Inspiring, heartwarming, and powerful are the words I would use to describe Disney’s latest feel good movie, “Queen of Katwe.” Based on a true life story, the film follows young Ugandan girl Phiona Mutesi (Madina Naiwanga) and her rise from being a poor girl living on the streets of Uganda to a champion chess player.

A heartwarming film that inspires hope and perseverance.

Plot: Too poor to attend school and unable to read, Phiona sold corn on the streets of Uganda with her mother and siblings. After joining a local chess program lead by outreach coordinator Robert Katende (David Oyelowo), Phiona learns the game and quickly becomes a formidable player, who plays in championship games around the world.

Engagement: “It takes a village to raise a child,” may be a legendary African proverb, but in this film and the true story it portrays, it rings true. What makes this film so engaging are the characters, especially the children. There’s light and love in the heart of Phiona and her siblings, even though they are impoverished and live in the slums of Uganda. Their mother Nakku Harriet (Lupita Wyong’o) is the backbone of the family. Although she has little means to provide for her family, she has instilled in them pride and courage. These qualities are reinforced by Katende, who introduces Phiona to the game of chess. The chemistry among Academy Award-winning actress Nyong’o and first-time actress Naiwanga is heartwarming and the perseverance of the characters inspires hopes.

Style: The costuming was an eclectic mix of traditional African attire and looks influenced from the West. Clothing in Uganda, like many countries around the world, represents the wearers status in society. This is illustrated in the film in a scene where Harriet dons colorful ceremonial dress that she sells to help her daughter, and in the dress of the children in the slums, versus those form the city.

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