Ralph Lauren Spring '08

Ralph Lauren Spring '08

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Ralph Lauren celebrated 40 years in the fashion on the fourth day of New York Fashion Week.
The sartorial event was held at the Central Park Conservatory and attended by elite members of the social set and Hollywood glitterati.
The equestrian-themed runway show lived up to what we’ve come to expect from the classic designer who created a sophisticated and elegant lifestyle brand for Americans.
Although Lauren’s line consisted of a variety of designs from floor-length gala gowns to vintage-inspired frocks, it was the equestrian blended haberdashery that caught the eye.
Typical of Ralph Lauren’s flamboyant style, the runway was laden with exquisite creations that defied gender without sacrificing femininity.
Four decades later and Mr. Lauren still has the midas touch.

The salmon riding jacket is beautifully matched with white jodhpurs, a white jockey cap and bow-tied black silk scarf.

These black jodhpurs are perfectly paired with a short jacket, vest, rainbow-colored, ascot-tied scarf and vibrant yellow and black stove-pipe boots.
The white suit vest with coordinating trouser is sleekly paired with a tweed blazer, black tie and soft pink shirt with a tuxedo collar.

The slim trouser and long blazer is striking with a striped tie and brilliant yellow vest that gives prominence to the look.

The short tailored jacket paired with the slim walking short is a fun combination. The leather and patent duffle bag and newsboy-style hat is absolutely fetching, it’s ivy league meets city slicker.

She and he collide in this high-stepping ensemble. The tailored blazer, striped shirt and broad tie is given a softer side with the tulle embellished ruffled skirt.

The single-button black and white striped blazer and slim black trouser is dashing with the two-tone shoe. The violet flower adds interests to this geometrical look.

From the derby to the leather gloves, this look would be reminiscent of a British butler if not for the A-line skirt and pastel flower embellishment. It’s a devine mix of statement-making pieces.

This tailored walking short suit is classic, but sweetly chic when accented with a pink shirt and black strap heels with pink rose. It’s sheer sophistication.

The cropped printed jodhpurs are made elegant with a cream tuxedo vest and sheer cream sleeveless blouse with organza flower. The silver timepiece (pocket watch) adds a vintage appeal.

This look is sleek and chic. The white blouse with capped bell sleeves trimmed in black, coordinates nicely with the slim black cigarette pants and short gloves.

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