Here’s How To Select A Bikini For Your Body Type

Here’s How To Select A Bikini For Your Body Type

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Bikini Day marks the anniversary of the bikini, introduced in 1946 by French fashion designer Louis Réard. To celebrate this liberating day in fashion, I have intel on select a bikini for different body types.

When it comes to choosing a bikini, there’s truly a science to it just like shopping for a bra, panties, and pretty much everything else in your wardrobe arsenal. It’s all about measurements, cut, fabric, even color. But there’s somewhat of an advantage with a 2-piece versus a one-piece; the top and bottom can be coordinated to accommodate your body type.

Wearing a bikini might not be your thing, but in case you decide to ditch your Baywatch-inspired one-piece for a 2-piece, here’s what you need to know:

Be confident. This can’t be expressed enough, but if you are going to be clad in a bikini, please come equipped with the confidence to match. There’s nothing worse than someone who looks uncomfortable in their own skin bikini.

Know your shape. Knowing your body type will help determine the best style of bikini for your shape. Remember, the key is to accent your best feature – whether it’s a long waist, curvy hips, or shapely legs. Here are the most common body types:

  • hourglass – A shapely figure with breast and hips that have similar dimensions and a waist that is well-defined. Choose from an array of styles that complement this body type.
  • athletic – A slim figure with a smaller chest and hips. Select styles that give a curvier appearance to chest and hips.
  • pear – A figure with fuller hips and bottom, but smaller chest and shoulders. Choose a style that accents the top and downplays the bottom.
  • apple – A figure with a bigger chest and stomach area, but slimmer thighs and legs. Select a style that accents the hips and downplays the chest.

The cut of the top and bottom, as well as the color, are also important factors in the fit of your 2-piece.


To make your chest or butt look bigger: Avoid dark colors, especially black, and go for brights and whites. Try Halter, bandeau, and triangular styles such as the classic string bikini for an enhanced look. Ruffled or pleated bottoms will create a fuller look.

To make your chest or butt look smaller: Avoid bright hues and large prints. Busy prints such as stripes should be avoided as well. Opt for styles with wire or other support panels, high neck halters, and tank tops that contour the waistline. Try high-cut bottoms, which will also elongate your legs.

NOTE: When sporting your bikini, don’t forget the sun essentials including sunscreen, a hat, and a cover up to minimize sun exposure.

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