7 Style Profiles You Need to Know

7 Style Profiles You Need to Know

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Do you want to makeover your style? It may seem like mere wishful thinking, but as someone who loves revamping my style from time to time (such a sleuth thing to do), I think it’s not only a great way to revamp your look, but reinvigorate how you feel as well. If styled with purpose, fashion can tell a story about the wearer that tells the world what you’re about. It’s one of the things I love about being a woman – not that men can’t stylistically reinvent themselves too – but there’s just so much more we can do, while having fun in the process. With a style makeover, we can try a new beauty trend or transform the way we dress. Maybe you’ve been dying to go Boho chic like your BFF or become a glamour girl like your favorite actress. Well, it’s doable and I’ve identified seven style profiles to distinguish the various ‘fashion types’ and help you achieve a new look. I’ve featured looks from Dsquared² collections to illustrate the style profiles. Run by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten, Dsquared² – which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015 – does an amazing job of using fashion to tell a story. Don’t forget to take the style profile quiz.

The Classicist

Her look is simple with a preppy influence, featuring a blend of classic pieces jazzed up with statement accessories. For this style profile, opt for quality designs. They’re classic so they should be able to stand the test of time in style and construction.


Image source: Dsquared² for Pre-Fall 2012

The Minimalist

Her look is clean and crisp with an artsy appeal, featuring traditional silhouettes fashioned from luxe fabrics. For this style profile, try looks that have straight lines, linear prints or patterns, and minimal adornment, featuring statement accessories for accent.


Image source: Dsquared² for Resort 2015

The Mademoiselle

Her look is frilly and feminine with fancy accents such as ruffles and features bright color palettes or pretty print designs. For this style profile, look for pieces with decorative embellishments and a girly silhouette.


Image source: Dsquared² for Resort 2013

The Contemporary

Her look is modern and trendy with a nod to the future or the past, featuring vintage-inspired pieces worn in a fashion-forward way. For this style profile, select designs with interesting print patterns and design details that are statement-making.


Image source: Dsquared² for Pre-Fall 2014

The Glamazon

Her look is sexy and glamorous in a subtle way, featuring dramatic pieces in bold hues, luxurious fabrics, and figure-hugging silhouettes. For this style profile, meld the old with the new and accent the look with standout accessories and exotic prints.


Image source: Dsquared² for Pre-Fall 2013

The Bohemian

Her look is eclectic with a hippie flair, featuring pieces that are billowy, distressed, and colorful. For this style profile, choose garments that are retro-inspired, have unique patterns, and quirky embellishments.


Image source: (Dsquared² Spring 2012)

The Rocker

Her look is edgy with a sophisticated twist, featuring hardware, metallic jewelry, and leather accents. For this style profile, be daring with over-the-top accessories and statement pieces.


Image source: (Dsquared² Spring 2013)

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