Win: Secret Life of Pets Screening Seats

Win: Secret Life of Pets Screening Seats

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Don’t miss out on a chance to watch “The Secret Life of Pets” before it comes to theaters!

After screening “The Secret Life of Pets,” I’m excited to announce a giveaway of seats for a few lucky Arizona readers to screen the film on Tuesday, July 5th. The animated film takes a peak inside the lives of pets from an animal’s point of view and witness all the mayhem and mischief that pets get into when their owners are away. For a chance to win, share your funniest pet story in the comments below by Saturday, July 2nd, 11:59pm. If you have never had a pet, share the type of pet you would want to adopt. Several readers will be randomly selected to win. (Contest Disclaimer)

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  1. well my little buddy EMMETT who’s a terrier/something mix…fell into TEMPE TOWNLAKE last November…it was when they had just started draining TEMPE TOWNLAKE and you could walk along the inside edge of the lake…i was wearing some running shoes that didn’t have the best bottom to get traction and he decided to go in between my legs. When i tried to pull him out of between my legs i lost my balance and fell in NASTY TEMPE TOWNLAKE…LOL. The worst thing about the whole ordeal was i was complaining and talking about how i would NEVER swim in that water…Well EMMETT and myself took a dip and my friend that was with US said she thought it had happened in slow motion…she wouldn’t stop laughing and has probably told 100+ people about what happened that day…Now everyone gets a BIG OL LAUGH when i’m down in the area =P and poor EMMETT doesn’t walk along the edge anymore…LOL

  2. We have a pet turtle and would love more pets but we can’t afford more. When we get our house we will get more but our pet turtle is named bowser. He is a red ear turtle and gets super excited when we enter the room and he see us. He starts peddling his feet real fast like he’s swimming a mile lol when we are peeking around the corner he starts pushing over his stuff to try to get our attention lol he is funny

  3. My 5 year old daughter and I have two cats. Tarzan is the size of a wilcat…literally. My daughter talks to him as if he is her child. He sleeps on her…and goes crazy when she is not home. A totally unexpected relationship given his size and all black ferocious look…but it is such a blessing to our lititle family 🙂

  4. Our family dog is older and she has very bad breath and teeth. As a result, each time that I have taken her in for cleanings she loses teeth. The last time they cleaned her teeth, almost all of the front teeth fell out leaving a huge gap between her two vampire teeth. So when we picked her up, she was still sedated and she was so happy to see is she smiled (yes she really does smile). She looked like she was drunk and with all the missing teeth, you could only see 2 vampire teeth sticking out and there was drool coming out of where her bottom teeth should have been. Poor baby.

  5. We have a 10 month old Cat named Autumn..every time we leave the house she goes into my sock drawer and gets a pair of socks out to play with. We are always finding them strewn throughout the house. One day, I’d had ENOUGH! I blocked the drawer do she couldn’t open it…so instead, she found the bin where I keep leg warmers. I came home to find her INSIDE of one of my leg warmers…she looked like a hotdog in a leg warmer bun lol!

  6. So my wife and I started out with 2 cats which ended up turning into 4. I told her we have no more room for cats or any other pet. So we ended moving closer to my job and well started seeing strays well long story short one outdoor cat ended up pregnant so we took those in which she got pregnant again. I know rght we’re the crazy cat people lol. So now where i see kittens I bring them home get them healthy and find them good homes. So much for sticking to my no more pet plan. Not a funny store really but felt like sharing my love for pets. Thanks for your time.

  7. I had cat ears from halloween so i put them on to see how my kitten would react, she got so scared, arched her back so high, and all her fur was sticking straight up!! I tried it again on my other cat and she did the exact same thing! I have pictures of them both doing it and i always look back at them and laugh. Whenever i wear them, they come up to me sniffing and being so confused.

  8. My 25 year old umbrella cockatoo, Merlin, plays human fetch. He flings bottle caps or wooden dowels from the top of his cage in different directions to throw the human catcher off his guard.

  9. I don’t have any funny pet stories. I just want to see the film.

  10. Our dog came into the living room with the three year olds potty training seat stuck on his head. Someone forgot to shut the door so the dog tried to get a drink from the toilet.

  11. Back in College I was living in a house that had a yard on the side of a hill. I had a dog named Gizmo that was a Bulldog/ chihuahua mix. We had set her up with a harness connected to a rope that was connected to a cable by a ring that slide up and down. We ran the cable from one corner of the yard to the other. There was one spot in the middle of the yard where the slope dropped off steep enough to where the rope was short enough that it would lift her off the ground for about a 15 foot section. She figured out that if she ran at that spot she would “fly” across to the other side as her rope slid down the cable then bring her to a soft landing on the lower side. Then if she ran around the higher side of the slope she could go back up and do it again. She loved it and would do laps. She also figured out where to jump and start flying across. Was hilarious to watch and of course this was long before there were camera phones to film it and i didn’t have a video camera to record it at the time either. Great memories.

  12. My dog Cici was sitting on our wood floors. She farted and scared herself. She started looking around and barking trying to figure out where the noise came from.

  13. My cat once, as a baby climbed into the case of water I had on the floor, I was cooking and heard him crying behind me, I turned and he had his head stuck in the hole I had torn when I pulled a bottle out.. He was stuck. And just staring at me howling. I had a good laugh then plucked him free. Cut up the plastic so he wouldn’t do it again.

  14. My little cockatiels are just like doggies ! As soon as the garage door opens they go crazy chirping makes me

  15. I have never had a pet, but if I could have one, then I would adopt a hairless cat – so interesting looking!

  16. After 18 wonderful years with my cuddly companion, Chippy (II), I’m currently doggyless since the passing of my much loved Chihuahua. Prior to this I had another adorable Chihuahua, Chippy (I), for 17 years. I always referred to both of them as my little “Nacho Chips” since they both liked to sneak into open bags of tortilla chips to steal a treat or two 🙂

  17. I used to have a rottweiler his name was Baloo because he looked just like the bear from the jungle book, he was a very big dog & used to love being carry around on my arms just like a baby but when he started getting bigger it was hard for me to carry him, one then we went out for a run & then on the way he just lays there on the ground refusing to get up intil I pick him up in my arms he was super heavy & everyone at the park was just laughing of the way he was just acting like a spoil brat & I look funny with a huge dog in my arms bur he was the best dog ever!

  18. I had a mutt who, only during the summer months, would purposely dump over her water can so she could flip it up and catch it on her head. When she realized it made us laugh she would continuously do it like a circus act.

  19. The best one I have is of my older dog (6 years old). We had just gotten a new puppy so they wanted to play and they were running around like crazy. The puppy went under the chair and so she tried to go under the chair. It was quite funny until she tried to go under the coffee table that was a little smaller than she thought… She was stuck there and so she took off and the glass went flying. I walked around the corner and she sat there wagging her tail looking at me with the bottom piece still under around her body..

  20. I went to poor myself a glass of some Boons Berry wine, which is just twist on cap cheep wine. The bottle was missing from the table, ponds over in the corner she was sitting with the cap of quietly lapping at the wine between get paws. SNEAKY THIEF Wino…

  21. I once made a batch of cookies before work, put them on the top shelf of my huge bakers rack, and told my husband top put them away before bed. I got home, and the lazy boy was across the room up against the bakers rack, cookie sheets on the floor, and not cookies. My lil girl really wanted those peanut butter cookies, how smart and funny….

  22. When i get home my dog would run in circles and race around the house 3 times. It was hilarious!

  23. I have 12year old black cat (rescue cat)
    She inside cat doesn’t like the outside door .she hides in different place in the house until 4 pm come doees thing .when 5 round she rub down for 5 min.then feeding
    Time .she’ll play chasing the mouse
    Play with our big German shepherd
    Sonmetime nasty guess who backdown first German shepherd.&she declawed.
    Secret of life of pets contest

  24. I’d love to wear my new Secret Life of Pets t-shirt to the Advance Screening. My funniest pet story would involve a sandwich snatching dog who never left any kind of mess.

  25. I have a small German shepherd Max(4mos.old)always mischief got a camera to see what does all day
    He opened kitchen where pans are go inside to lie down couple hrs. go to bathroom get towel below bathroom sink get go to living room lay on & go get one toy stuff toy go get another towel put stuff toy on the towel & fall asleep .it daily routine.until get won’t let me towel out for him .max pickup to to my bed room.Will get own .
    (Secret of life of pets contest)

  26. So my sister has two pitbulls. We nicknamed them Can’t Stop and Won’t Stop. Every time my mother gives them treats, she’ll say “be a prince” or “be a princess” depending on what dog she is talking to. They stop running around, sit up straight, and open their mouths. They look like furry angels. It is the funniest thing because all activity literally stops so they can get that treat. As soon as it is consumed, they are rambunctious again.

  27. Enstein is my grandson dog he loves chases him around the house it’s so funny. He loves that dog but so does everyone

  28. My husband’s lab is known as the NTT – nortorious tamale thief! He can smell a tamale from miles away!

  29. Our puppy Abby loves to play with our other three dogs.
    She loves to bark in their ears to make them chase her.
    She also likes the suction of the vacuum & barks at it.

  30. Our minpin growls a little of we don’t let him sit next to me. If we refuse, he’ll sit behind my chair or under me.

  31. Our funniest pet story of our yorkie-poo Daisy, is that she is so sensitive to noises that when it’s super quiet she offen scares the pants off of you with her bark at the wind! Also when we recently when camping with her she followed me into the woods every. single.time! It was cute, but I didn’t want her to get lost!

  32. My dog loves to chase the vacuum every single thing I use it. It never gets old.

  33. got an all black cat named mimi and my wife turned on the vacuum upstairs and the cat flew down the stairs because she was afraid of the vacuum. never laughed so hard and never will forget that moment.

  34. My outdoor cat hangs out at various houses in the neighborhood. One night my neighbor started his grill and left a plate of uncooked salmon next to it. He stepped into the house for a minute. When he came back, my cat was running away with the salmon. So much for the BBQ!!!

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