Alexander McQueen Takes Aquatic Plunge for Spring 2010

Alexander McQueen Takes Aquatic Plunge for Spring 2010

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An Ode to the Lost City of Atlantis at Paris Fashion Week

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Collection “Plato’s Atlantis” was a Poseidon adventure at its grandest scale during Paris Fashion Week. Reptile printed garments with space age silhouettes and kaleidoscope patterned textiles in vibrant hues set the tone for this deep sea-inspired collection. The show was an amazingly executed spectacle that was tautly constructed with each and every detail. It was set on an abbreviated catwalk with the models circling parallel tracks with cameras mounted on robotic arms. In the background a screen projected the shadowed profiles of the models.

There was an animalistic air to the collection and the look of the models was stark and stoic. The makeup was pale, the lips nude with facial prosthetics that gave the look of an amphibious creature. Further dramatizing the look was the hair with skewed wavy strands and twisted braids that climaxed into curved fin-like updos.

It is apparent that McQueen had some far away aquatic galaxy in mind when designing this collection. The silhouettes mimicked waves with curves and folds that gracefully traced the body. One just has to look at the statuesque model Karlie Kloss in a plunging V-neck ballerina-esque dress, to see this. It was fashioned with layers of fluttering tulle and beaded cap sleeves in a blue swirl ranging from a pale aqua to a deep Mediterranean blue. Prominent was the tulip shaped shift that resembled a similar frock from Balenciaga’s Spring 2008 collection.

The garments were ultragorgeous, hyperdramatic, and appeared surprisingly wearable. The shapes were sculpted with stand out shoulders, bulbous hips, and cinched waists. The color palette was rich in varying hues of blue, yellow, green, brown, as well as glittery metallics. Then there were the platform shoes — that resembled a hunched over armadillo — that plagued their every move. The models seemed to study each step as they staggered down the illuminated catwalk — so not to misstep or, of course, fall.

For those not privileged enough to sit front row center at the show, there was a live-streamed video on, which unceremoniously crashed after Lady Gaga tweeted that her new single would be premiered during the fashion event. This show was definitely a homage to the avant garde trend that McQueen is known for; from his fall 2008 princess-themed designs to his fall 2009 mad-plaider looks. But, for Plato’s Atlantis, McQueen eagerly jumped ship and what resulted was an artistic treasure. He took fantasy to the ultimate level that makes you wonder what you’ll see next from the perennial designer.

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