McCarthy and Statham Kill It In “Spy” Movie

McCarthy and Statham Kill It In “Spy” Movie

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Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham kill it in Spy, a comedic spoof on the covert world of espionage. It’s packed full of action and comes across as a straight up spy movie and that’s what makes it so humorous. There’s an obvious nod to other spy flicks and it’s easy to see the satirical reference to a James Bond film – even the soundtrack and opening sequence is reminiscent of a 007 movie. In “Spy,” McCarthy is CIA analyst Susan Cooper who helps globe-trotting spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law) carry off top secret missions via computer surveillance and a hearing device. When she witnesses Fine’s cover get blown while he tries to prevent nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands, she convinces her CIA boss Elaine Crocker (Allison Janney) to send her undercover to expose the culprits.

Melissa-McCartney-Spy-MovieHot on her heels and in protest of her new assignment is operative Rick Ford (Jason Statham), who doesn’t think she is capable of being a spy. McCarthy and Statham surprisingly have great chemistry and he’s actually funny as he spends most of the movie popping up at just the wrong time to remind her she’s the wrong agent for the job. To look at McCarthy (who reportedly performed many of her own stunts), it’s is easy to dismiss her in the role of a sleek spy and just as easy to see Law and Statham as the quintessential suave spies, who always get it right. But that’s what makes this film hilarious and out of the box. Although it’s Cooper who seems out of her element, she is the one who steps up her game while Fine and Ford are the ones who need saving. Just when I thought this film might be predictable it became the funniest film I’ve seen this year!

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