Mission: BobbePIN Boutique Shares Style Manifesto

Mission: BobbePIN Boutique Shares Style Manifesto

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WWW – Boho chic with a flair for European street style is how I would describe a hot new boutique I discovered online called BobbePIN. Dawn Wheeler, who hails from London and Lisa de la Sol, an Oakland native, founded BobbePIN in January 2011. They stocked it chock full of must-have fashions that are generating buzz like the Everly Zig Zag dress; a cute retro frock that surely would have found its way into the chic wardrobes of 60s “it” girls Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. With deliciously affordable prices, the eclectic fashions are just right for mixing with your splurge pieces.

I recently caught up with co-founder Dawn Wheeler to talk shop and discuss what’s hot for spring.

The Chic Spy: What were you and Lisa doing before launching BobbePIN?

Dawn: BobbePIN I was working in the financial services world raising money for micro cap companies and Lisa has her own furniture finishing business.

Be yourself and don’t be a prisoner of the style pages. ~ Dawn Wheeler, co-founder of BobbePIN

Everly Zig Zag dress, $42.

TCS: What inspired you to launch BobbePIN?

Dawn: I was disappointed with the options when looking for a crisp white blouse. I wanted something a little different but didn’t have hours to spend looking for it and I wanted great quality and affordability.

Sandra Ingrish "Y" front fitted blouse, $50.

TCS: What sets you apart from other online boutiques?

Dawn: Customer service is such a cliché these days but I feel that we go the extra mile for our customers to be overly satisfied, for instance one of our customers ordered the wrong size but needed the correct size within 72 hours for a special event so we shipped the correct size via priority mail at our cost before she sent the other [item] back. We also believe in giving back, so 5% of profits are donated to charity. The customer can select the charity at checkout.

TCS: Since starting the company, what has been your most exciting moment?

Dawn: Wow, there have been so many. I think it's when we get the thank you emails or voice messages from our clients telling us how much they love their purchase.

TCS: What are your top selling items?

Dawn: The famous Zig Zag dress and the Piko Vintage V top.

Pivo Vintage V-Neck, $30.

TCS: If you could dress someone past or present, who would it be?

Dawn: My mum. We didn’t have much growing up so she very rarely went clothes shopping for herself.

TCS: What is the most challenging aspect to having an online store?

Dawn: Spreading the word. We are a tiny fish in an enormous ocean, although that can be a benefit also.

TCS: Do you have any new products that we should look out for coming in the future?

Dawn: We just uploaded the Hello Kitty skirt, a white lace dress, Zig Zag blouse; and the accordion pleated mini skirt is coming soon.

Zig Zag blouse, $38.

TCS: If you were a Chic Spy Agent, what would be your code name?

Dawn: 007 of course!

Dawn Wheeler offers tips for looking chic this spring:

  1. Be yourself and don’t be a prisoner of the style pages.
  2. Nautical stripes and pastel colors are a must.
  3. Pleats, either dresses or skirts.
  4. And, of course, be sassy.

Check out the BobbePIN Manifesto:

To learn more about BobbePIN, visit

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