Pat Cleveland Quotes

Pat Cleveland Quotes

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60’s Supermodel shares fashion musings at Phoenix Art Museum

Eyelashes are the high heels of your face.

I recently had a fabulous opportunity to interview Pat Cleveland at the Phoenix Art Museum as part of the Arizona Costume Institute brunch and lecture series. But before I chatted one-on-one with the iconic African American supermodel, I listened to a discussion she had with Dennita Sewell, the Curator of Fashion Design at the museum, about her first book “Walking With the Muses.” Listening to her speak was as engaging and amazing as watching stills of her striking a pose or video clips of her strutting on the runway. During her conversation with Sewell, Ms. Cleveland shared intriguing intel about working with fashion legends such as Diana Vreeland and Halston. Here’s some of what she had to say, captured in quotes.

  1. “In the 50s, ladies were ladies.”
  2. “Mothers love daughters to dress them up as dolls.”
  3. “The 50s turned into the 60s, when everything was sort of androgynous.”
  4. “Philosophy for me in the 60s was you were either mod or hippie.”
  5. “She had red cheeks like in Chinese cinema, red nails—not the most beautiful, but most exquisite.”  ~ Impression of Diane Vreeland on first meeting.
  6. “When you have champagne, anything is possible.”
  7. “You’re the best. You’re my moth. I want you to go to the flame.” ~ What Halston whispered in her ear right before she walked in his runway show.
  8. “I consider myself a clothing animator. I make the clothes come to life.”
  9. “Don’t do outrageous things to your body that you might regret later.”
  10. “Eyelashes are the high heels of your face.”

Image source: Pat Cleveland with daughter Anna in Neiman Marcus Fall/Winter 2016 Book 

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