Movie Brief: A “New Year’s Eve” Mission

Movie Brief: A “New Year’s Eve” Mission

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New Year's Eve has arrived – the movie that is. This romantic comedy is chock full of celebrities from Ashton Kutcher (No Srtings Attached, Valentine's Day) who plays a cynical, down on the holidays Randy to Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City 2, Failure to Launch) as a somewhat dowdy and lonely, single mother who wears shearling-trimmed clogs … AS IF!

Besides a well-known cast, the holiday film was infused with a little bit of everything from chuckle-enducing humor to heart-felt emotion. It was time to ring in the new year and each character was on a mission to achieve their goal before the clock strikes midnight.

Here's some of their New Year's ambitions that might be on your radar:

Reunite and forgive a lost love like Laura (Katherine Heigl) and Jensen (Jon Bon Jovi).

Help someone realize their New Year's resolutions like Paul (Zac Efron) did for Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Be at the bedside of someone ill like nurse Aimee (Halle Berry) was for Stan (Robert De Niro).

Welcome in a New Year's Eve baby like Tess (Jessica Biel) and Griffin (Seth Meyers).

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