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PLOT: Sixty years after a devastating war with aliens, Earth is barren and the state of the world is bismal in Oblivion. Despite winning the war, most of Earth's inhabitants have fled to another planet except for a repairman Jack (Tom Cruise) and his "partner" Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). But they're not alone.

ENGAGEMENT: There's action and high-tech futuristic gadgetry to keep you entertained, however, this is the typical Tom Cruise film. He's out to save the world, that has long since been destroyed. Soon soon finds himself on a mission to rescue it from oblivion whilst repairing drones, a weapon used to track and eliminate threats. His curiosity leads him to discover relics from the past and experience flashbacks to a time he doesn't remember. The "Twilight Zone" plot twist will definitely intrigue you, momentarily. 

STYLE: It's 2077 and the look is high-tech and sterile, with costumes including metalic leather suits and architecture reminiscent of the "The Jetsons." Iceland, where the movie was filmed, served as the backdrop, which made for some beautiful scenes.

Release: Friday, April 19th

This should be 50% on your radar:


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