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PLOT: In World War Z, Brad Pitt takes on the role of former United Nations worker Gerry Lane who is catapulted into a world overrun by zombies. It comes suddenly as he and his family are driving through the city and chaos ensues. As he frantically tries to get his family to safety, former government colleagues come to the rescue and evacuate them from the zombie infested city. But soon he realizes the rescue comes at a cost and to keep his family safe, he sets out to find out how the zombie epidemic got started and how he can stop it.

ENGAGEMENT: From almost the beginning the film delivers intense action scenes with hordes of people running frantically throught the streets with amped zombies trailing quickly on their tales, digitally enhanced of course. Admittedly, these are the fastest zombies I’ve ever seen – a far cry from the sauntering undead in George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” (1968). What I like about this film is the explaination of the zombie outbreak, which occured as a result of mother nature going into attack mode, targeting healthy humans. Ironically, deadly diseases that we’d normally want to avoid like the plague (pun intended) may be the answer. But we’ll have to wait for the sequel to know for sure.

STYLE: The look of the zombies is not over-the-top gorey and they aren’t the cannibalistic, flesh-devouring kind – for these zombies a simple bite will do. This concept actually makes the film more scary because there’s a sense of realism, even though their spasmic speed make them look like turbo zombies.

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Release: Friday, June 21st

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