Designer Dresses Up Modern Brides

Designer Dresses Up Modern Brides

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Timeless style and grace …with simplicity for the beach or a field of flowers.

With the live action retelling of the classic fairytale Cinderella coming out later this year, I couldn’t help but wonder about a ‘real life’ magical moment, when a bride selects her dream dress for the big day. But where Cinderella opted for a princess style ball gown to meet prince charming, modern bride dresses sway towards simplicity – just look at celebrity brides Solange Knowles and Olivia Palermo, who both went for non-traditional styles for their weddings. This is becoming a popular trend and designers are listening to these millennial brides. Once such designer is Jeanne Hankerson of SJ Couture, whose dresses have been featured nationally including E! News and Access Hollywood. Hankerson has a penchant for creating lovely frocks with unforgettable details, and we recently collaborated on a “Little White Dress” photo shoot (below). I caught up with Jeanne for a brief chat about her collection of gowns and get intel on what inspires her as a designer.

  1. What’s your inspiration? I am inspired by texture, fabric, lace, aroma and nature.
  2. Why wedding dresses? They are what I see in my dreams.
  3. What do you want brides to take away from wearing your gowns? Beauty and comfort.
  4. If you could dress anyone past or present who would it be? Lizzie Bennet, the main character in Jane Austens’ “Pride and Prejudice.”
  5. What’s the current trend in bridal wear? Currently, I see 2-piece bridal gowns with crop tops or jackets, and tulle bridal overskirts.
  6. If you were a Chic Spy Agent, what would be your code name? Sapphire, it’s my birthstone and really the only thing I can think of, hahaha.

See more of the SJ Couture collection at

Image credit: Don Giannati

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