Skunkfunk Makes Eco-Chic Fashionable

Skunkfunk Makes Eco-Chic Fashionable

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SAN FRANCISCO — Frequently we hear about new brands emerging on the fashion scene, whether it’s a hot new denim line or the latest “it” celebrity launching a new collection. But, it’s refreshing to learn of a company that produces stylish apparel as well as being conscious of the impact they leave on the environment.

With many companies promoting their fashions as eco-friendly or sustainable, Skunkfunk, which was founded in Spain by childhood friends Mikel Feijoo and Luis Gandarias, sets itself apart from the rest. Besides a fashion-forward design sense, the company, whose humble beginnings began with t-shirts sold at music festivals, is on the pulse of what’s happening in this burgeoning industry.

“The first thing we say is there is no such thing as eco-friendly fashion, if we were truly eco-friendly we would stop everything and start planting trees,” says Kyle Retzik owner of Skunkfunk North America. “However, for years we have done far more than most brands, using fabrics like organic cotton, lyocell, and recycled polyester.”


From the spring/summer 2011 collection, 80% of Skunkfunk’s pieces were made from sustainable fabrics, which is a source of pride for the company who sites sustainability as their core philosophy and not just the thing to do for the moment.

“Compared to some we are quite quiet about our sustainability program,” Retzik adds. “We know we can do more and strive every season to increase the percentage of the collection made from sustainable fabrics and implement new and creative ways towards sustainability.”


Even care is taken on how Skunkfunk is packaged and delivered with all products being shipped in biodegradable cellulose bags. In addition, the company has a no airfreight policy to reduce overall impact on the environment.

Skunkfunk doesn’t stop at just choosing sustainable materials for garments and packaging, they take it one step further when trying to leave a lighter footprint in their production process including using factories that recycle dye water and operate using wind and solar-generated power.

When it comes to design, it’s all about originality for Skunkfunk. New styles are created from season-to-season and emphasis is given to creating versatile looks they call “multi-funktional,” and describe as “Reversible, detachable, or can be worn different ways.”

“We don’t follow in-season trends, but every season delivers a fun, unique complete collection,” Retzik says.


More than 350 styles are created each season by a design team in Spain, overseen by the founders and produced all over the world including Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Thailand, China, and India.

Skunkfunk North America has two stores in San Francisco, a store in New York, and is sold in more than 200 boutiques throughout the US and Canada. Visit to find a shop near you!

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