Interview With Tara Martin of My Other Bag

Interview With Tara Martin of My Other Bag

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Tara-Martin-My-Other-Bag-InterviewDesigner Creates Tote That Can Go Everyone Your Designer Bag Can’t

LOS ANGELES — After shopping for a few items at her local grocery store, Tara Martin found herself needing a chic bag to carry perishable items that was as stylish as the designer bags she loved. After searching, to no avail, for the perfect casual bag, Martin decided to create her own tote and My Other Bag was born.

My Other Bag features an absolutely adorable collection of tote bags emblazoned with colorful depictions of designer-inspired handbags on the front, the company’s moniker on the back, and a message scribbled on the inside. Each bag comes with a key fob, too.

These crave-worthy canvas totes are not only eco-friendly, but made in the USA, right in sunny LA. Surely one of the reasons the cute carriers have caught the attention of Hollywood glitterati including Kendall Jenner, Jessica AlbaKatie Holmes, and Jessica Biel. I recently caught up with Martin to get more intel on her line and find out what she carries in her bag!

The Chic Spy: What inspired the “My Other Bag” concept?

Tara Martin: I was living in Santa Monica, a city which had just implemented a plastic bag ban to ensure people brought reusable bags to the store. I wanted to buy some fashionable cute totes and couldn’t find any online that I loved. So I decided to create my own.

TCS: What was your first bag design and was it inspired by a particular designer bag?


TM: The first bag was the Kate. They are all inspired by popular handbag designs.

TCS: Which My Other Bag design is most popular?

TM: Madison and Kate are our most popular styles.

TCS: There’s also a pouch perfect for a beauty arsenal. What’s in your beauty bag?

TM: I love, love beauty products! I always have my SkinCeuticals tinted moisturizer, Stella McCartney roll on travel perfume, Trish McEvoy gel eye liner (the best), and right now I am really into a pink lip. I use a combo of Bite and Chanel lip gloss.

TCS: When you are not carrying one of your totes, what’s your favorite designer bag?

TM: I am such a Louis Vuitton lover. I have a limited edition speedy that is sparkly and it’s my favorite!

TCS: You also have a t-shirt line called Bag Junkies, what inspired that line?

TM: Our customers. They love our bag art and were asking for more, so I thought it would be cute to have them all on fun graphic tees with the icons that inspired their names.

TCS: What’s next for My Other Bag, are you working on any top secret projects?

TM: Always! We have tons of fun products in the works.

TCS: If you were a Chic Spy Agent, what would be your code name?

TM: Bag Lady, of course!

Featured bags: Olivia Pochette makeup bag, $45; Kate Sunshine tote bag, $35; Jackie Red tote bag, $35; Madison Black/Red/Blue tote bag, $35; and Beckham Carry All tote bag, $55.

Featured tees: The Burnout Tee Jackie/Kate/Queenie, $68.

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