Tom Horn Collection Is Next “It” Bag To Keep On Your Radar

Tom Horn Collection Is Next “It” Bag To Keep On Your Radar

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Tom-Horn-Collection-Jessica-and-SevilleHandcrafted Leather Bags Made In Mexico and Designed By Native

GLOBAL — When it comes to accessories, undeniably the “it” bag is what drives our wardrobe. From oversized and slouchy to petite and square, who doesn’t crave a bag that gives their look that little oomph, I know I sure do! There’s nothing as essential to an accessory arsenal as a good leather handbag and although it’s easy to fall in love with well-known designer brands, let’s not count out those luxurious bags from emerging designers.

On a recent mission at a Phoenix Fashion Week event, I spotted the Tom Horn Collection, a chic leather handbag brand handcrafted in Mexico from vegetable-dyed leathers in a town called Leon, GTO. Founder Thomas Horn, who was born in Mexico City, created the collection with the rich heritage of Mexico in mind. “Using leather as a medium seemed like the proper way to show my respect for the rich and varied surroundings of my youth.” he explains on I recently caught up with the brands co-owner Katherine Anne Fisher to get more intel on the company and why their bags should be your next “it” bag.

Which bag is the “it” bag of the collection?

It’s a tie between the Michelle and Jessica

What inspired the latest collection?

Inspiration comes from love of all things rugged, classic, timeless and handmade. The Old World craftsmen were Tom Horn’s heroes.

Who past or present could you see sporting a Tom Horn bag?

Past, Annie Oakley. Present, Ricky Lauren, Sheryl Crow, Angelina Jolie – the list goes on. 

What’s in your Tom Horn bag?

Tom Horn wallet, gloss, iPhone, RMS beauty products, hair ties, scarf, 2nd set of earrings, hand lotion, work notebook, Barre3 Ball and sometimes my little pups.

If you were a Chic Spy Agent, what would be your code name?

Agent RC for rugged and chic.

Chicly Yours,

The Chic Spy

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