Tori-Nichel Is An Emerging Designer To Watch

Tori-Nichel Is An Emerging Designer To Watch

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‘Fashion Star’ Dishes On Reality TV

Have you seen reality TV’s latest fashion design competition called Fashion Star? If you haven’t, don’t feel bad because neither have I. However, I will definitely be tuning in for the season 2 premiere March 8th on NBC, hosted by Louise Roe and featuring Nicole Richie, Jessica simpson, and John Varvatos as mentors to 13 designers.

Tori-Nichel, a womenswear fashion designer and professed Brooklyn girl, is one of the designers competing. I originally interviewed Tori-Nichel in 2007 when Forbes hailed her “a designer to watch.” I recently caught up with the emerging fashion designer to discuss “Fashion Star” and get the scoop on her style faves.

How were you selected to be a “Fashion Star” contestant?

I was discovered to be a cast member of Fashion Star through a friend. He had a friend of a friend who was part of the casting team who was seeking out their design colleagues for referrals. He forwarded the info to me, told me that it sounded like I’d be perfect for it. I submitted a 60 second elevator pitch video on my collection and I was asked to go to the NYC open casting. The rest, as they say, is history!

What were your thoughts when you learned you were selected?

My thoughts when I got the call I was chosen, ‘Oh my God Becky!’ … in the voice from the song. The moment was very surreal.

What would be a dream challenge to receive on the show?

My dream challenge would be to design an academy award winning gown that is Oscar worthy. I specialized in evening wear at FIT. That sector of design has always been very intriguing to me.

What do you hope to achieve from appearing on the show?

I hope to achieve a worldwide customer base from appearing on “Fashion Star.” In addition, I hope to introduce America to the quintessential girl next door who is truly living the American dream. A dream I myself created and turned into reality through passion, drive, hard work and perseverance. That in itself speaks volumes and can be inspiring for the next generation coming up.

What’s been most exciting about being on “Fashion Star” so far?

The most exciting aspect so far has been being able to partake in runway shows that will be apart of primetime television.

Why should the other contestants beware of Tori-Nichel?

Other contestants should beware because I am fashion – period. As a creative visionary I have the skills, the eye, the experience, the drive, the personality, and resiliency.

Tori-Nichel Must-Haves

  1. An accessory I can’t live without … really? If I have to pick one [it’s] earrings.
  2. Cherry Chapstick. I’m borderline OCD with it. I’m a freak without it.
  3. Maroon 5 at a “Payphone” asking me for “One More Night” with Adam Levine (smile).
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