Tori Nichel Tours New York Fashion Week

Tori Nichel Tours New York Fashion Week

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Hello There!
So here’s a rundown of the first couple of days:

Day 1 (Wednesday) – I did not go to any shows but I lurked around the tents for a bit to see what was going on. Men seemed to out-dress women. My camera does not take quick automatic shots so I missed a lot of good candids.

Overall, the fashionistas attending the show were disappointing. I feel that this is one week that we all have to elevate our game and dress to impress.

There are crowds that stand out in front of the events all day wanting to see good fashion. It seemed as though our New York fashionistas chose comfort over fashion (i.e. flip flops and sandals).
I give praise to Anna Wintour, at least she dresses for the occasion. I guess that’s why she is who she is.

Day 2 (Thursday) – I went to three shows; Doucette Duvall, Thuy and Jenni Kayne. I was suppose to go to Alexander Wang but due to fire restrictions, they closed seating.

Doucette Duvall – Very creative presentation showcased at the trendy Inn restaurant in the Meatpacking District. Reminiscent of an old school cigar bar, Doucette Duvall’s concept is creating clothing inspired by their mother and grandmother using pre-exiting fabrics and trims in order not to harm Madame Earth. They even do a “Little Green Dress” every season to thank Madame Earth. Although the concept and creativity were definitely showcased, the styling seemed a bit dated. (Not pictured).

Thuy (pronounced twee) – I never heard of this designer until today. Great collection and lovely designer! Her collection was very polished, tailored, fresh and focused. Lots of white, silver, black, blush and chambray-cobalt blue. Fabrications were silk lame, linens, satin, swiss dot and gauze. Her setting was a loft space overlooking the west side highway and Hudson. Great shoe choice by Ruthie Davis. (Images for Thuy collection above).

Jenni Kayne – Her presentation was nice as well. She had models posed in a setting on a platform. I wasn’t quite sure what the message was she was trying to convey for spring. She had some long, lean silhouette dresses, a few structured short and pant suits. Her color story was a bit inconsistent but I did like the yellow and grey chiffon ikat print. (Images from Jenni Kayne collection above and below).

~ Tori Nichel

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