5 Fun Things We Learned at the Julep Holiday Party

5 Fun Things We Learned at the Julep Holiday Party

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NEW YORK — When we received a coveted invite to the Julep holiday shopping soiree in NYC, we knew it was an event that couldn’t be missed. Whether you’re looking to refresh your beauty arsenal for the holidays, or find a few stocking stuffers for your BFFs – like The Extraordinary Gift Box, $225, above – this was the place to be. From the customizable nail polish option to the tech-inspired skin care approach this event made our Holiday Hit List. Jane Park, the company’s owner and CEO, hosted an intimate gathering in Chelsea to talk beauty trends, an impending NYC pop up location, and why Julep will never fit the mold of being “just another beauty brand.” While sipping champagne in a room filled with industry taste makers and press alike, here are 5 things we learned about beauty brand, Julep:

1. Julep ‘Maven’ 

This is the chic moniker they’ve given to their customers, who can hop online at any time to have a Style Profile created to fit their needs.  But it doesn’t stop there. The profile is also a tool to get women to think outside of the beauty box and try new looks. Jane’s goal is that this thought process will help customers step outside of their comfort zone and try new things in terms of personal style and beauty. Below: Pre-paid Maven, $59.97-$239.88.


2. Innovative Beauty

Julep never stops trying new things in terms of products. This year alone they’re slated to release 300+ unique beauty items, of which about 120 are limited and one-of-a-kind selections. Just one of the many examples of how innovative the company is, the ‘Color Treat’ nail formula was developed literally from the use of contact lens technology that combines permeable surface qualities and breathability with the finished and professional look of a salon manicure, without all the icky chemicals. Below: The Gem Collection 2013, $84.


3. Product Development

Throw away any preconceived notions about focus groups – what companies do to get consumer opinions about new products. When Julep is considering a new product launch, they simply turn to their customers for advice. More than 5000 women across the country take part in Julep’s “Idea Lab,” a collaboration between customers and the Julep product development team. Below: Julep Color Caddy & So Much More, $75.


4. Beauty Trends

Neutrals are back with a twist! Colors like ‘Ava’ and ‘Jane’ (named after the women who inspired them), the normally flat earth tones are turned on their heads with shimmer and rich color infusion that will carry nicely into next season. Below: Julep nail polish in ‘Jane’, $14.


And when it comes to face cleansers, the term ‘oil cleanser’ is no longer an oxymoron. Somewhere along the way, we swore off the notion that oil can actually be good for your skin. But, there’s a vast difference between “oily” skin and “moisturized” skin. Below: Bare Face Cleansing Oil, $28, made us believers.


5. The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Jane came up with the ultimate luxe gift idea for the BFF that has everything. A chance to develop, brand, and release a unique nail polish to be sold in limited quantities under the Julep brand. A mere $10,000 buys you this privilege with all proceeds going to the recipient’s charity of choice.

Now how can you beat that for a holiday gift that keeps on giving!

Julep Beauty Inc.

Deborah Metts

Deborah Metts

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