Academy of Art University Fall 2015 Runway Beauty

Academy of Art University Fall 2015 Runway Beauty

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How long have you been the makeup artist for AAU?

The first time I keyed the Academy’s show was New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter in 2009. I have been privileged to connect with Simon Ungless and so many other wonderful talents. There have even been lavish editorial spreads, covers of countless magazines, and the honorable opportunity to become an instructor at the Academy of Art University.

Academy-of-Art-University-Fall-2015-Runway-Beauty-MAC-Baby-Dont-Go-BlushWhat’s the inspiration behind the look for the show?

It’s the designer’s moment to showcase their signature collections, so it’s important to create a look that complements while creating continuity throughout the show. As a makeup artist, I have always considered myself a storyteller who draws inspiration from various sources. This season, I wanted to tell a moody beauty story with a nod to 1990’s supermodels by using the architecture of each model’s face as the focal point.

Which products did you use for the show?

The star products for the AAU show were MAC Cosmetics ‘Baby Don’t Go’ Pro Longwear blush (above) to sculpt cheekbones, MAC Cosmetics ‘Coquette’ Eye Shadow to define the eyes and create a bit of mood and androgyny, MAC Cosmetics ‘Hush’ Cream Colour Base for natural highlighting of facial contours, and MAC Cosmetics Studio Waterweight Foundation to invisibly conceal and neutralize lip tones.

Jeanie Walsh

Jeanie Walsh

Jeanie is a West Coast agent, who loves to wear maxi dresses and platform sandals, enjoys yachting and traveling with her Twin Flame and fine dining. Her two favorite accessories are a brass armlet from Italy and her Marc Jacobs hot pink "Rana Pouch" with a brass upside-down lucky love frog.

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