Get Adaline’s Ageless Beauty

Get Adaline’s Ageless Beauty

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On-My-Radar-Age-of-Adaline-Beauty-StyleSpanning ninety years, 1925-2015, Age of Adaline tells the story of a young woman (Blake Lively), who after an accident, doesn’t age past 29 years old. In the film Adaline not only has ageless beauty but timeless style, featuring custom looks from designers such as Gucci, as well as some archival pieces. It may sound like a fantasy to visibly cheat time and live for an eternity, but the premise of this film got me wondering: What beauty products would I pack on a time-traveling mission?

Here are a few of my picks inspired by “Age of Adaline” style and beauty:

Maintain a flawless look with a moisturizer that hydrates the skin with age-preventing formula. Product to try: Dior ‘Hydra Life’ Pro-Youth Sorbet Crème

Create a fresh face natural look with a neutral shadow palette. Product to try: Jane Iredale ‘Getaway’ Eyeshadow Kit

Indulge in a classic perfume reminiscent of a by-gone era. Product to try: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Parfum

Lavish your lips and cheeks in a rouge hue for a flirty flushed look. Product to try: Yves Saint Laurent ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Blush in Rouge Effrontee

“Age of Adaline” will be in theaters Friday, April 24th.

Image source: Lionsgate

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