17 Chic Bottled Waters From 14 Countries

17 Chic Bottled Waters From 14 Countries

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It’s the season for water, and plenty of it, drink up!

Guitig from Ecuador

Did you know that there is actually such a thing as a water sommelier? If you are a wine drinker, you are probably familiar with the term sommelier, which is an expert on everything to do with wine, from tasting to food pairings. Well, that’s similar to what a water sommelier does–taste water and rate it based on its flavor. They can decipher whether it is spring, mineral, or distilled–even it’s origins.

Drinking water should be something everyone does daily, especially in the summer, when it can get quite hot and muggy. But for those who aren’t fans of the flavorless beverage, consuming water can seem like a chore. Water should not only quench your thirst, but please your palette too–and it doesn’t hurt if it comes in a cool bottle either.

Here are my H20 faves and some I’d love try, such as Hildon–favored by the Queen of England. You might want to put them on your radar!

Who knew H20 could look so cool?

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(l. to r.) Antipodes form New Zealand | Selters from Germany | Ô Muse from France | Aqua Panna from Italy | Staatl Fachingen from Germany | IceSwan from Chile | Perlage from Poland | Primal from South Africa | Lurisia from Italy | Mill & Well from Denmark | Hawaiian Springs from United States | Krystal from China | Premium Aqua from Switzerland | Voss from Norway | Hildon from United Kingdom | Valverde from Italy

Not all are as fortunate to have clean water to drink. See how you can help bring water to millions of thirsty children and their families, visit and

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